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How BlockChain Technology can Revolutionize Project Management?

The blockchain technology is experiencing exponential growth and its market will be worth $2.3 billion by 2021. Until now, blockchain’s use was confined to cryptocurrency trading. That’s because it ensures a decentralized, secure, transparent, and cost-effective environment for the hassle-free exchange of cryptocurrencies. This is the reason for its acceptability across the world. And now...
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Manage Multiple Tasks with a Feature Rich ProProfs Project

Imagine this: You took up a project to organize an official event for a client – let’s say a technical workshop. You’ll have to keep in mind: What type or number of equipment will the workshop require? Who needs to be invited? Where should the workshop take place?  What would the time-stamping be of the...
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Top 5 Project Management Trends for 2019

Managing projects has become a lot simpler for organizations today. From planning, organizing to monitoring the progress of a project, all aspects can be carried out anytime, anywhere, thanks to the proliferation of user-friendly software tools. Each year brings in new trends that continue to transform the project-management landscape further, affecting both the software you...
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Top 5 Features to Consider Before Investing in a Project Management Software

The increasing use of project management software has allowed many organizations to help their clients achieve their goals efficiently. With the work management system in place, you get subjected to complaints from your clients. These can include: a. How teams aren’t able to deliver work systematically for quite some time. b. How clients can’t track...
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Embracing the Importance of Agility at Work

Adjusting to changes in projects shouldn’t be a chore and it shouldn’t cause problems for everyone involved. Similarly, no change should be a huge surprise to everyone on a project. Working on a project, and anything you’re currently spending time on, with an agile approach can ensure issues are kept to a minimum. An agile...
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How to Ensure Proper Communication Flow Within Marketing Teams

Imagine this: You have numerous marketing campaigns to look after. Each campaign is managed by different sets of people who keep you posted on how their strategies are being implemented. But even after proper work segregation, you face challenges like delayed implementation of strategies, delayed delivery of content and improper use of media, therefore leaving...
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How to Retain Employees in an Organization

“How to improve employee retention” is a pressing issue faced by many organizations today, no matter what industry they belong to. According to a LinkedIn survey (2018), the US software industry topped the list with the highest employee turnover rate at 13.2%.  So, what are the reasons for such a high turnover?  What can entrepreneurs...
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Your 5 Step Guide to Create a Perfect Project Plan

There are times when you observe that your team isn’t delivering on a project as planned. The success or failure of a project depends on various factors – correct allocation of resources, task delegation, regular project monitoring, etc. While these factors can make or break a project, a proper project management plan is what truly...
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How to Increase Employee Productivity Using ProProfs Project

Imagine this: Lately, you notice that your team has not delivered their designated work within the set deadline. Although their goals were determined at the beginning of the quarter, their performance hasn’t been up to the mark. Consequently, your brand’s progress has taken a blow and your clients are having second thoughts. In short, your...
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How to be a Productive Project Manager

There cannot be just one best tip that makes a project manager a productive person in the workplace. While some suggest you to get project collaboration software onboard (which will reduce half of your management troubles), others may recommend you to be empathetic towards your team members to get the best results and deliver projects...
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