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Agile Planning: What Is It & How You Should Do It

Change is the only constant. — Heraclitus Being adaptive to change is extremely important, irrespective of the industry you are working in. You cannot be skeptical about this, because you cannot reap benefits for a longer time if you fear going outside of your comfort zone. Nokia is a vivid example in this context, as...
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Project Leadership: What Is It and Which Skills Are Required?

Project management turns into a nightmare in the absence of project leadership.  Picture a cruise ship that is sailing without a captain. Ask yourself – ‘will it reach its destination?’ No, obviously!  Behind every successful project, there is a leader – who has the right skills and qualities required to steer the team.  A project...
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12 Crucial Tools for Remote Teams During the COVID-19 Epidemic

What was once a dream for many working people is now a reality, albeit not in the best of circumstances. In my history of working with people, I have personally encountered not an insignificant number of people who preferred to work from home, rather than go to an office building. Think about it: you save...
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Expert Roundup: How to Work From Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The whole world is suffering from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Countries like the USA, Italy, etc. used to be hailed for their unprecedented medical facility are facing their worst due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This virus has dramatically increased the recession rate; however, renowned companies are trying their best to prevent loss as...
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11 Productivity Tools to Improve the Time Utilization

The effects of COVID-19 are something no one could have foreseen. In a matter of moments, quarantine was ordered and businesses were told to shut down physical stores. This has resulted in record unemployment numbers and a wavering economy as the world holds its breath and stays indoors. For many companies, this is not a...
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Why Is It Important to Have a Project Management Communication Plan in Place?

Project management will unarguably be an impossible task if you don’t have a dexterous project manager, an adequate number of executives, the right tools, etc. at your disposal. This could be the case with start-ups, considering their budget-related problems. But the question that comes to mind is: ‘Why do business projects of global organizations struggle,...
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How to Become a Project Manager and Succeed in the Business World

A skilled and diligent project manager is the crucial component to making business projects successful. It could be the primary reason why businesses take the hiring process so seriously and set a high salary bar for job candidates coming for the role of a project manager.    As per the industry reports, companies have to fill...
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Tips to Organize a Project Efficiently for Success

‘Let’s stamp this year with success,’ thoughts my business friend shared with me recently. I kept thinking about a few things, and the thought that kept hammering my brain was, ‘how can he manage business projects amid COVID-19 pandemic?’. So I shared my concerns with him openly. Contrary to what I had thought, he smiled...
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Project Management Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Risks and change requests are two factors that can jeopardize the project management triangle. But there is a third hidden factor that takes you closer to project failure: ‘Silly mistakes.’ Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time. — George Bernard Shaw You encounter different types...
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What Are the Objectives of Project Management?

Do you know the factor that ensures a smooth transition during the project’s phases, i.e., initiation, planning, execution, and closure?  Can’t think of a couple of words to answer? Well, then, you would undoubtedly struggle during your project management journey. Being vague with regards to project objectives is the primary reason that will lead to...
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