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Managing Project Expectations: How to Do It Right

Has it ever happened to you that even after working on a project with all your might, all you receive in the end is – client disappointment?  This can be disheartening, especially when the final output is high quality and within the anticipated time and budget.  A situation like this can seem out of the...
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10 Key Project Management Skills Every PM Needs

Irrespective of how much experience you have, project management always tests your limits with difficult challenges, such as team conflicts, tight budget, or short delivery windows. Even with this, project managers are expected to overcome such challenges and retain complete control over the quality of project development.  Would you be surprised to find out that...
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SWOT Analysis | A Way to Boost Project Success Rate

‘Did you know only 2.5% of companies manage to complete 100 percent of their projects?’ Yes, for business owners, it’s a bitter pill to swallow. The reason behind such a poor project success rate could be anything like a lack of resources, unidentified risks, tight budget, unrealistic delivery dates, and so on.  To avoid the...
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10 Task Management Tips for Higher Productivity

Is the never-ending list of tasks driving you crazy? Do you find it difficult to manage your daily tasks? If yes, there is a high possibility that you have a huge backlog of tasks that are pending for a long time. Add to them your current tasks, and you have a big fat list ready. ...
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Excel in Project Execution With These 5 Surefire Tips

Do you know most of the organizations have a 70% project failure rate?  Usually, it is considered that a low budget is a prime reason why maximum projects fail, but that’s not true every time. According to a report from Gartner, projects funded over 1 million dollars have a 50% higher failure rate than ones...
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Take Project Work Performance to the Next Level With These 10 Tips

Employees have always been the most crucial asset of any organization because they help to improve business growth by combining their skills and experience.  In every department, you have some employees who often leave you impressed, while others give a satisfactory performance to justify their place.  But, is that enough?       Nope! You have to bring...
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Top 11 Challenges of Remote Working You Can Possibly Encounter

Remote work has always been a hot topic in corporate because as much employees are willing to enjoy that extra cushion of freedom, the employers are a bit reluctant to give the same. Sadly, the horrors of the COVID-19 outbreak put an end to this everlasting debate.     Now, remote work has become new normal,...
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Agile Planning: What Is It & How You Should Do It

Change is the only constant. — Heraclitus Being adaptive to change is extremely important, irrespective of the industry you are working in. You cannot be skeptical about this, because you cannot reap benefits for a longer time if you fear going outside of your comfort zone. Nokia is a vivid example in this context, as...
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Project Leadership: What Is It and Which Skills Are Required?

Project management turns into a nightmare in the absence of project leadership.  Picture a cruise ship that is sailing without a captain. Ask yourself – ‘will it reach its destination?’ No, obviously!  Behind every successful project, there is a leader – who has the right skills and qualities required to steer the team.  A project...
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12 Crucial Tools for Remote Teams During the COVID-19 Epidemic

What was once a dream for many working people is now a reality, albeit not in the best of circumstances. In my history of working with people, I have personally encountered not an insignificant number of people who preferred to work from home, rather than go to an office building. Think about it: you save...
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