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100+ Project Management Statistics & Facts (Updated 2020)

Project management is an essential part of every organization. Whether you are overseeing a team or leading major projects and their execution process, it is essential to keep everything in line to ensure project success. In the long run, it is the project management techniques adopted by managers that either make or break the organization. ...
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Why Use Project Management Software for IT Teams?

What factors are really essential for successful project implementation for an IT team? Is it: Creating the perfect project plan? Communicating with teams seamlessly? Managing risks as and when they are encountered? Well, these are some good aspects to consider, but a case study conducted by The British Computer Society explains there are seven critical...
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What is Earned Value Management & How its Theories Affect PM Software

When the first-ever project management department was developed in the US Navy in the 1950s, it was just the beginning of a glorious journey. At the turn of the millennium and (almost) two decades later, we are still marveling at the wonders project management can do for us. From NASA to your local advertising agency,...
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How to Improve Collaboration Within Your eLearning Team

There’s no denying that “two heads are better than one”.  While this adage is undeniably true, the question is not only how do you achieve seamless collaboration, but how to improve collaboration in order to ensure the attainment of shared goals? Well, according to the famous philanthropist and business magnate, Andrew Carnegie, the answer lies...
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Hybrid vs Agile Approach: Which is Better for Efficient Project Management

You start working on a new project. Not having any set method in place, you simply start planning and execute the project as it seems fit. Will the project see the light of day? Probably not, right? With 93% of organizations reporting the standardized use of project management practices, you cannot afford to lag behind...
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Artificial Intelligence In Project Management: Pros & Cons

The advent of artificial intelligence (AI) has raised various questions and theories among people. Right from “whether AI is ethical?” to “how exactly will it change the world?”, there are numerous questions that are yet to be unanswered. But, what about the questions we can answer? AI has already begun revolutionizing various aspects of our...
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Sources of Project Failure – The Absentee Stakeholder

Every project has some risk involved that ultimately results in project failure. But, why do projects fail? Every project manager tries to think through all possible scenarios that can occur during project execution and come up with solutions to eradicate the possibility of project failure. When thinking about “why projects fail”, they ask themselves questions...
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