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10 Project Manager Roles And Responsibilities

    To keep your business competitive in the long run, you must be good at handling projects. It will not only improve your business’s stability but also uplift the odds of getting new projects, which points to a better growth rate. To handle projects appropriately, you must have sufficient experience under your belt. This...
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Marketing Project Management – A 101 for Managers

Absence of effective project management severely impairs Marketing from successfully launching quality products – Madeline A. Veltri. A Marketing Strategy is considered brilliant if it: Delivers speed to market Delivers quality products at a reasonable cost Achieves business targets and makes customers happy Therefore, a marketing manager needs to constantly adjust his approach for successful...
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Stay Productive Amid COVID-19 Epidemic With Foolproof Work From Home Tips

Employees have always been the lifeblood of businesses, as they unlock the door of success by combining their dedication with multitasking skills. This is the main reason why companies, especially global ones, strive to maintain healthy relationships with their top-performing employees. Can you guess the major factor that keeps employees connected with brands, besides a...
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Project Management KPIs to Track in 2021

  Every business owner has some desires, and the most common ones are: Improving sales growth exponentially  Staying two steps ahead of competitors  Joining Fortune 500 for global recognition  These desires are mere wishes if you don’t strive to fulfill them, right? So, keep your cards close and track what matters most, to emerge as...
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13 Best Productivity Tools for Marketers in 2021

Marketers today are facing incredible competition. In the field of digital marketing, the amount of developed content is mammoth. Without adopting some smart ways to make processes faster, it is very difficult to keep your productivity up.  A research conducted in 2015 has suggested that nearly 45 percent of the paid activities can be automated...
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Best Ice Breaker Games for Your Team Meetings

So you’re planning an important team meeting, and there’s a lot riding on this meeting. How do you ease everyone into the meeting, and pave the way for a productive discussion? In this blog post, we will share 13 great ice breaker games that you can use to loosen everyone up and start your meeting...
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Project Management Metrics Every Manager Needs to Track

The life of project managers has always been tough, and it gets irksome when they have a tight time window and budget.  ‘Do clients care about this?’ The answer is ‘Big NO’. Clients just want timely delivery of promised project deliverables, and this puts more pressure on project managers. Now, this fact begs the question:...
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The Ultimate Quick Guide To Building a Risk Management Plan

Life is full of surprises. Even if you meticulously account for every penny in your project, risks will present themselves, and you will feel like your project is having the rug pulled out from under it. Unfortunately, none of us have superpowers and we can’t predict the future. But with this guide to risk management,...
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How to Solve Project Management Problems in The Modern Workplace

Project management has always been tough because you encounter a throng of problems. The most cited reason for this is the hidden risks, which come out at different stages of the project to get it off the track. You can even say that they pose a great challenge to project managers during their work. It...
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Project Management Process & Phases

Project Management is the art of coordinating resources and directing working groups to execute components of work so that each group delivers components that can be tied together into a wholesome deliverable (contracted scope of work) within schedule and budget. — Project Management Institute In simple terms, the Project Management process is the art of...
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