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New CSV Export Feature

You can now backup your projects, tasks, clients, invoices and estimates. The CSV export feature allows you to backup your data, which is very important, but also export to other applications that you might want to use with project. Just click on the Export button at the bottom of the page and a Comma Separated Values...
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Multiple User Feature Live!

Invite your whole company! You can now invite multiple users to share your projects, tasks, clients, estimates and invoices. We have been hard at work with this feature and because of the huge demand for it we moved it from the bottom of the roadmap to the top. Basically the major difference now is you...
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Multi-user Tasks and Reporting

What a busy few weeks we have just had! I wanted to share some of the new features we’ve been working hard on that have just gone live. They are the ability to assign multiple users to tasks, plus some new and improved reporting features. We get requests for new features almost daily and it’s...
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More Power to Project Managers

We’ve improved the way that tasks are managed and given more power to Project Managers. We’ve also made some other improvements that you might want to know about. Firstly, we just want to reiterate how much we value simple and easy task management here at ProProfs Project. Our whole ethos is about keeping things simple and easy-to-use, but also...
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Month View & Estimated Project Hours

Another round of updates to help you get organized faster and more effectively. We know you’re busy, so we we won’t bore you with the details. Here’s what’s new in our most recent round of updates. The focus is always helping you get organized more effectively with your business, so we hope you enjoy these...
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Mind Productivity

The mind is a curious thing. It helps each of us handle multitudes of tasks with no more than a whisper of a thought. It can spark us into action to tidy up for an important date or finish that meticulous project we know is due. How we respond to external stimuli is more than...
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10 Ways to Rock Your Remote Collaboration With Style

Remote collaboration is the new age of the future, so here are 10 surefire ways to rock your remote collaboration, with style. More people are using remote collaboration for work and in creating meaningful connections than ever now. We connect with each other through information we can view and share remotely from brick and mortars,...
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