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New ‘Task Manager’ Role

We’ve added a new Role called ‘Task Manager’ for those who need something in between Project Manager and Collaborator. The new role allows you to bring in users who need to have full access to the project they are assigned including the ability to add tasks, but not the ability to create their own projects...
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Are you outsourcing yet?

Small businesses face a dilemma when they first start. Unlike those that manage to get millions in angel funding, many have to face the fact that money will be tight. Regardless of their product or service, they’ll still have to file accounts, keep books and invoice customers. Is it realistic to do this all yourself?...
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Are you making the most of networking?

For the small business owner and consultant, networking via breakfast clubs, local meeting groups and trade events is a daunting but necessary part of the job. Many people say it’s a waste of time, but for others, it’s the way to tap into a goldmine of referrals and new jobs. Are you making the most...
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All About Simple Project Management!

ProProfs Project is all about Simple Project Management Tools! When I started ProProfs Project in 2009 I built a simple app that would work for my own web design business, I never knew it would end up becoming a business in its own right. The key for me was to have something that was ultra...
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Add Formatting to your Descriptions

You can now add text formatting to your project and task descriptions using our new editor and Markdown formatting syntax. When we first started ProProfs Project we often had requests for a WYSIWYG editor for formatting descriptions. At first we were very against them (and to a degree we still are), however recently a customer...
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Add Descriptions to Time Entries

We’ve added the ability to add descriptions to your time entries. This is really useful for those wanting to track exactly what they did on a particular day and build it into reports. We’re excited about this feature because although it’s pretty simple it adds a lot of power to the time tracking system. Your...
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8 Ways to Become the Worst Project Manager

About twenty years ago I was working with a project team on some large IT implementations. There were five main project managers, each reporting to a lead manager who in turn reported to the customer. The five main project managers were supposed to be fairly autonomous as they were split across the whole organisation working...
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New Shared Timers & Custom Task Progress

Time seems to be flying by this year, especially for us at ProProfs Project HQ because we’ve been so busy developing new features. Here’s what’s new in April… Firstly, due to popular request, we’ve made it possible for managers to be able to see if their team are tracking time, how much time they’ve spent...
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7 Ways to Increase Your Productivity

We all know that increasing productivity in business has many rewards such as happy managers, happy clients, and of course the financial benefits too. However achieving a high level of productivity in business can be tricky and that deadline that once seemed so far off is now staring right at you on your dashboard. What...
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6 Tips to Slay the Procrastination Dragon

It knows when you are dawdling. It peeks around the corners of your mind looking for wisps of the wail it can attack. The pesky spectre is procrastination. The harbinger of slowed project planning perched to strike—and ready to steal precious productive time when you least expect. Planning ahead is the fast elixir to stopping...
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