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Please Help Translate project

We need your help! The language packs can only be made if we get the community together to translate. I am proposing a new system over the old system which was just a case of ‘go on the wiki and do it yourself’. What we are doing now is using the English Master Template. Copy the text...
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Planned Migration to Rock Solid Servers

It’s official! We’re moving to solid Rackspace Cloud servers!That basically means we going to be sitting on very reliable servers based in Virginia, US. The company that will provide our server will be a reputable firm called Rackspace who have been around a while. One major advantage of the hardware we are planning on using is...
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Pay Invoices With Paypal

We are very excited to announce our new invoice payment feature. Now when you raise invoices for your projects, not only can you automatically generate a PDF with itemised billing, you can now view a ‘Permalink’ of the invoice, send the invoice to the client with the click of a button and even have the...
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Organize Yourself To Boost Productivity

  Getting organized is the cornerstone of every good productivity checklist and you’ll find it at number one on ours. So what’s at the core of organisation and how can we use it to make sure our day is as productive as possible? Here at Projectproject we’d like to think we know a thing or two...
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Offline Time Tracking

As part of our new mobile update we just released a very highly requested feature: the ability for offline time tracking. We’ve just rebuilt the whole system to allow timers for offline time tracking. This is a major update and will bring a lot of benefits to you. Previously when you tracked time if you...
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Are You Ready for the New Year?

For many people, the New Year heralds in the start of new beginnings, the chance to make changes to life, relationships and work. However, many return, and nothing has changed, they continue just as they left off. It’s important to feel refreshed when getting back into a project, whatever that project is, as a clear...
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New Timer Feature

Yes, we’ve released another update! That’s because you keep suggesting things! 🙂 There is now a timer on tasks, so you can keep track of time while you work on a particular task. The time will get automatically saved every minute, and it will even keep you logged in to ProProfs Project while you work....
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New ‘Task Manager’ Role

We’ve added a new Role called ‘Task Manager’ for those who need something in between Project Manager and Collaborator. The new role allows you to bring in users who need to have full access to the project they are assigned including the ability to add tasks, but not the ability to create their own projects...
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Are you outsourcing yet?

Small businesses face a dilemma when they first start. Unlike those that manage to get millions in angel funding, many have to face the fact that money will be tight. Regardless of their product or service, they’ll still have to file accounts, keep books and invoice customers. Is it realistic to do this all yourself?...
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Are you making the most of networking?

For the small business owner and consultant, networking via breakfast clubs, local meeting groups and trade events is a daunting but necessary part of the job. Many people say it’s a waste of time, but for others, it’s the way to tap into a goldmine of referrals and new jobs. Are you making the most...
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