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What are Project Constraints and How to Manage Them

Working on a project is enough of a stress on its own – a whole bunch of tasks and ideas flying all over the place. Things can get especially tiresome and stressful in projects involving larger groups of people. However, things get really complicated with numerous common project constraints that you can stumble upon along...
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50+ Project Management Quotes to Learn From

Motivation knows no bounds. When we talk about project management, there are so many times and situations where teams, managers, or even stakeholders look for motivation on how to go about handling tough situations. Some look for strategies and tips, but sometimes reading a quote from a learned individual gives you all the clarity you...
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What Is Lean Project Management? It’s Origin, Principles & Benefits

In many ways, project management is a recent craft; but one that has learned a lot from the world of old manufacturing processes. And project managers are constantly finding ways to implement the knowledge and experiences of 20th-century manufacturing to contemporary project management. With that in mind – lean project methodology is a great example! ...
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12 Critical Project Management Principles Every Business Owner Should Follow

Project management is a complicated yet crucial business practice. Getting projects isn’t a big deal, as managing and completing them on time is the factor that decides your credibility in the business. Imagine a scenario where you have multiple projects in hand, but you are struggling to complete them on time and in the promised...
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Project Management Best Practices – 15 Tips to Improve Productivity

With technologies and engineering methodologies changing radically, project management has become more complex.  If you are into project management, then you would understand the complexity and importance of the whole process. As per the reports, 41% of the projects executed in 2017 were high complexity projects.  You will be surprised to know that 75% of...
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A Guide to Waterfall Project Management Methodology

There are many approaches to project management, especially in software development. Among these, waterfall project management is one of the more interesting ones, seeing as it stems from the old days of the construction and manufacturing industries; it was not specifically designed with software development in mind. So, what is the waterfall methodology? Essentially, we’re...
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10 Charts & Diagrams for Better Project Management

Managing a myriad of projects always takes a heavy toll on business owners because there are many problems that can halt the workflow. That’s the main reason why businesses always prefer to get experienced and certified project managers on board. According to a recent study, 47% of projects, end up in failure due to poor...
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20 Best Project Management Software & Tools for 2020

Project management software helps in not only managing multiple projects, but also streamline workflow and improve your teams performance exponentially. A CHAOS survey revealed that project success rates are increasing steadily as indicated by data points: 39% of all projects successfully implemented, i.e. delivered on time and on budget 43% of all projects were challenged,...
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Starting Up Your Business? Here are 8 Common Business Mistakes You Must Avoid!

So I take it you’re thinking of venturing out and establishing a business?  First things first, check out the awesome infographic below to provide some added guidance on whether or not you’re actually ready for self-employment and setting up shop. by alexwestgate. From Visually. Made it all the way to the end?  Or perhaps you’ve...
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