Project Management

Productivity Hack – 10 Tips For Managing Your Time

Can you imagine all the things we can learn about ourselves if we were all honest with 100% of the times? We could make so many positive changes if we just admitted to ourselves what we struggled with! We’d probably be surprised by how many of us share the same struggles. Many of us are...
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6 Strategies to Become a More Productive Team Manager

As a manager, you’re always focused on increasing employee productivity. Always working harder to avoid hitting a major blockade in your workplace that hampers critical operations.  But to achieve that, your company needs to thrive. It means you’ll focus on hiring the best talent. One that fits into your organizational culture. Except, you’ll always ensure...
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How Software Developers Can Incorporate the Use of Project Management Software

Software development projects aren’t an easy deal for organizations today, especially for start-ups. There are various challenges they may face while working their way through a successful completion. That’s why they are advised to follow the set steps of a ‘software development lifecycle’. Let’s take a cursory glance at the six-step life cycle of software...
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What is Project Management Software and Why Do You Need One

Managing a project isn’t easy. You can face many challenges. There can be your project deadlines, limited budget, and most importantly untimed risks. So how do you deal with them? It’s clear, you’ll need a solution. One that helps you: A. Complete the project within the deadline B. Reach your goals within the limited budget...
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Buyers Guide: How to Choose The Best Project Management Software

“Goals are dreams with deadlines.” – Diana Scharf While goals are achievable. They may still pose a challenge. And this challenge is often faced by project managers. When they receive a new project, their objective is to reach that specific goal within a deadline. While working their way through a project, managers often experience the...
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5 Efficient Ways to Manage Work with Remote Teams

Hiring the “right” talent for your company can be a challenge. Still, you’re motivated and on the go to hire employees that meet your expectations. After all, your organization has goals to meet. But what if you get stuck with the recruitment process? A study by NFIB reported that more than half of the small...
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How to Achieve Operational Excellence with Project Management Tools

Once you come across a project, what’s the first thought that strikes you? Is it the planning phase, where resource allocation and risk management strategies become a prime concern? Or the execution phase, where a need for integrated performance across risk, revenue, and cost becomes essential for a project’s success? Probably both. So, how do...
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