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5 Steps that Stomp out Stress

As we approach the holiday season, we know how stressful things can become in the office and at home. Here’s a small guide and an infographic to help you stomp out stress. Wake up, start the ragtag ‘to-dos’ you know have to finish. Bathe and dress before you get the kids ready for school. Scrub the house...
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5 Of the Best Project Management Blogs

Got a spare few minutes on a Friday afternoon? Need to expand your horizons and find out what other people are writing about in the project management world? As a project manager, it’s always valuable to get tips and tricks, information and general articles about project management from a range of different perspectives, and that’s...
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5 Essential and Profitable Productivity Tips

Have you noticed how some people manage to get everything done every day without breaking a sweat? Even though they have more to do than you, they just seem to get it done with no fuss and (annoyingly) seem happier about it, too? Wish you could be as good as them without lobbying government to...
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New Round of Updates

We have just finished working on another round of updates which I’m sure a lot of you will find incredibly useful. Firstly, we are about to launch our Enterprise plan which will allow sub-domains (or your own domain), a branded interface and login page and unlimited users. We are launching this next week and in...
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New Global Search Feature

“Where did that project go? Where on earth did I upload that file to?” Never lose anything again with our new global search feature. To be honest, we’re pretty proud of this one. Not only does our new global search look through all of your projects, tasks, comments, files, estimates and invoices, but it even...
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New Features (Version 0.91)

Well as an early Christmas present to you all I thought I’d upload some new features. Some of which are things you have suggested and others are my own ideas. This update is a minor update but it paves the way for the big update that I’ll be working on in January, yes you guessed...
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New Dashboard, Charts & Graphs

We’ve just updated the Dashboard adding new charts and graphs for easy project visualization. The Dashboard is now tidier, faster and more useful. The value of being able to get an overview of what’s been happening with your projects and invoices over the year can’t be overstated. It seems that any web application that has...
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New CSV Export Feature

You can now backup your projects, tasks, clients, invoices and estimates. The CSV export feature allows you to backup your data, which is very important, but also export to other applications that you might want to use with project. Just click on the Export button at the bottom of the page and a Comma Separated Values...
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Multiple User Feature Live!

Invite your whole company! You can now invite multiple users to share your projects, tasks, clients, estimates and invoices. We have been hard at work with this feature and because of the huge demand for it we moved it from the bottom of the roadmap to the top. Basically the major difference now is you...
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Multi-user Tasks and Reporting

What a busy few weeks we have just had! I wanted to share some of the new features we’ve been working hard on that have just gone live. They are the ability to assign multiple users to tasks, plus some new and improved reporting features. We get requests for new features almost daily and it’s...
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