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10 Tips to Increase Productivity in the Workplace

If the latest industry reports are anything to go by, productivity snowballs by 20 to 25 percent with connected employees. For continuous improvement in business growth, it is imperative to ensure all employees are striving to set new benchmarks in terms of productivity. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that non-productive employees...
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ProProfs Project Affiliate Program

Announcing the new ProProfs Project Affiliate Program: Earn $20 for every referral! Lots of users recommend ProProfs Project, and they do it just because they love the service. However we want to reward those that recommend ProProfs Project with a $20.00 voucher every time someone upgrades. The voucher is credited back to your account automatically and you...
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Productivity at Home

Technology innovates how we engage with the frenetic pace of the workplace. The computing devices and mobile devices we use also shape how we think about productivity in the office — and productivity at home. A work day at home can take the most organized of us to task. When you work at home and...
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Prepare for the Christmas Project Stall

When a project stalls, it can be a testing time for all involved. Disruptions to projects can happen for a whole host of reasons and it’s up to a good project manager to deal with them and ensure they don’t cause massive delays. However, Christmas is a long holiday which has its problems, such as...
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Power Users

Get Involved and join the Power User community! If you have submitted feedback suggestions in the past, or if you have contributed financially, or if you generally just love project and want to join others who feel the same as you then request an invitation to join the Power Users group. Not only do you get your own cool forum and...
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Please Help Translate project

We need your help! The language packs can only be made if we get the community together to translate. I am proposing a new system over the old system which was just a case of ‘go on the wiki and do it yourself’. What we are doing now is using the English Master Template. Copy the text...
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Planned Migration to Rock Solid Servers

It’s official! We’re moving to solid Rackspace Cloud servers!That basically means we going to be sitting on very reliable servers based in Virginia, US. The company that will provide our server will be a reputable firm called Rackspace who have been around a while. One major advantage of the hardware we are planning on using is...
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Pay Invoices With Paypal

We are very excited to announce our new invoice payment feature. Now when you raise invoices for your projects, not only can you automatically generate a PDF with itemised billing, you can now view a ‘Permalink’ of the invoice, send the invoice to the client with the click of a button and even have the...
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Organize Yourself To Boost Productivity

  Getting organized is the cornerstone of every good productivity checklist and you’ll find it at number one on ours. So what’s at the core of organisation and how can we use it to make sure our day is as productive as possible? Here at Projectproject we’d like to think we know a thing or two...
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Offline Time Tracking

As part of our new mobile update we just released a very highly requested feature: the ability for offline time tracking. We’ve just rebuilt the whole system to allow timers for offline time tracking. This is a major update and will bring a lot of benefits to you. Previously when you tracked time if you...
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