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Project Templates Just Got Better

We are always focused on how we can improve the way you manage your projects online. We’ve just released a few new features that will make the process faster and easier. It’s exciting times here at ProProfs Project. We’re growing our team, we’re growing our customer base, and we’re improving our product every week, thanks...
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Project Templates and a Cool Menu!

In our goal to constantly improve usability and listen to your requests here is a new feature that you will love. Personally I love cool popup menus (as long as they are intuitive and don’t get in the way). I’ve always wanted to make a little menu system like this. Now when you click the...
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Project & Task Notification Preferences

You can now specify whether your team receive notifications on a particular project or task, or just prevent clients from receiving email notifications. So you might be getting fed up with receiving email notifications whenever a comment is posted on a task, or you might want only your team to receive email notifications about comments...
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Project RSS Feeds

Your clients and collaborators can now subscribe to your project via RSS. This can be really useful if you want to track the updates to a project through your feed reader, mobile or browser without needing to receive email notifications. Just go to your public project page (magnifying glass) then click on Subscribe. The updates...
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ProProfs Project T-Shirt Competition

Take ProProfs Project with you wherever you go! Hold up, we’re not talking about an iPhone app here (sorry!), this this is something you can wear: introducing the ProProfs Project T-Shirt Competition 2010! We want an eye-catching yet simple t-shirt that reflects ProProfs Project with one glance. We will sell the t-shirt in our shop...
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Collaboration with ProProfs – Keep Teams on Track

Do you know exactly what’s happening on your project? Do you understand exactly what you have to do next? Importantly, have you told your team what’s expected of them and when it’s due? We’ve spoken about communication and the need to ensure you keep your project manager, and clients updated with the current situation. We’ve also...
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Collaboration Update and an SSL

Your requests have been heard once again. In this new update there are various improvements to the collaboration system but also (and probably more importantly) we now have an SSL! What is an SSL? An SSL certificate provides extra security when using project but also secures your public facing invoices and estimates. Now when you...
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Coffee & Productivity

As I write this I’m sat in a coffee shop watching as coffee is produced right in front of me. The amount of care, dedication and precision being taken to make the perfect roast is inspiring. It’s got me thinking about the similarities to what we are doing here at ProProfs Project. We have a...
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Cloud Files & PDF Preview

We’ve made some improvements to the way files are handled in ProProfs Project adding greater security, speed and a quick way to preview PDF files. All files you upload are now safely stored ‘in the cloud’ using Rackspace Cloud’s Content Delivery Network. What does that mean in real terms? It basically means that your files...
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Client Comments and New Features

So what’s new? …lots basically. I’ll cut to the chase and tell you what the new features are. Hope you enjoy using them! Guest comments means you can let your clients comment on your public project page (click on the magnifying glass next to the project) as well as be able to track the progress and updates...
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