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Customize Your Email Templates

You can now customize the emails that get sent out with Recurring Invoices, as well as your default email for Invoices and Estimates. We’ve also added a few other improvements. To customize your emails (including recurring invoices) go to the “My Company” page and scroll down to the Customization section. There you can fill in...
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Customize Your Project

The final update for the year lets you customize the background colour of your project as well as use custom CSS for your public facing pages, such as Invoices, Estimates and Project pages. We’ve finished our updates for 2010 by rolling out a nice little colour picker in the My Company page that selects the...
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Custom Branding & Multiple Users

Edited 26th April: This topic was originally a poll and discussion about whether a white label solution with multi-user login would be beneficial to our users. The outcome was that it would be a useful feature, so please see our more recent post about this.751
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Convert Estimates to Projects

In an effort to improve your workflow and make running your business even easier, we’ve added a simple but powerful feature to convert estimates to projects We had a few suggestions for this feature because a lot of you said that the first thing you would often do when you had a new project was...
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Communication, the key to a Better Project Experience

Communication is easy these days. We can text, email, call, chat, message, poke, nudge and wink and all without getting up from our desks. So why is it that so many projects fail where people cite “communication” as the problem? Text, email and phone calls are methods of communication but what we communicate is far...
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Project Templates Just Got Better

We are always focused on how we can improve the way you manage your projects online. We’ve just released a few new features that will make the process faster and easier. It’s exciting times here at ProProfs Project. We’re growing our team, we’re growing our customer base, and we’re improving our product every week, thanks...
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Project Templates and a Cool Menu!

In our goal to constantly improve usability and listen to your requests here is a new feature that you will love. Personally I love cool popup menus (as long as they are intuitive and don’t get in the way). I’ve always wanted to make a little menu system like this. Now when you click the...
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Project & Task Notification Preferences

You can now specify whether your team receive notifications on a particular project or task, or just prevent clients from receiving email notifications. So you might be getting fed up with receiving email notifications whenever a comment is posted on a task, or you might want only your team to receive email notifications about comments...
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Project RSS Feeds

Your clients and collaborators can now subscribe to your project via RSS. This can be really useful if you want to track the updates to a project through your feed reader, mobile or browser without needing to receive email notifications. Just go to your public project page (magnifying glass) then click on Subscribe. The updates...
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ProProfs Project T-Shirt Competition

Take ProProfs Project with you wherever you go! Hold up, we’re not talking about an iPhone app here (sorry!), this this is something you can wear: introducing the ProProfs Project T-Shirt Competition 2010! We want an eye-catching yet simple t-shirt that reflects ProProfs Project with one glance. We will sell the t-shirt in our shop...
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