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Easily Track Your Expenses

Finally, a feature that you’ve been requested from day one has arrived. Introducing the ProProfs Project Expenses Tracking system, saving you more time and hassle. A while ago many of you were suggesting a simple way to track your expenses and have yourselves another reason not to use any other tool except ProProfs Project (a...
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Easily Assign Sub-tasks

We’ve just made the interface even easier for you to use and added the ability to assign sub-tasks, saving you more time and hopefully making you a lot happier. We are very excited about our latest new update. Not only can you assign sub-tasks (which was a big request) and apply due dates to them,...
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Eager to Integrate With Your Favourite Apps?

Zapier is a superb web application and now ProProfs Project integrates with it, you can leverage its power to bring many of your existing apps together. It really is a time-saving tool and can save hours a week which in turn means you can get on with earning money! Basecamp and ProProfs Project Basecamp is...
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Doing This One Thing Can Keep Your Project Manager On-Side

Project managers have a very stressful job to do. They have to manage expectations, deadlines, staff problems, budget, time-line, and of course they do have a life outside of the job too. Importantly, the project manager is often the most powerful and valuable resource on a project. They are trained and skilled in spotting issues...
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Does Perfectionism Stop You From Being Your Best?

Although there are many benefits of aiming to be the best at what you do, it can sometimes be a barrier to getting things done in the first place. If you delay the release of a product because you’re aiming to get it just right, you may end up losing out to inferior products that...
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Do You Strive for Project Simplicity?

For many project managers, the ideal project has dozens of sub-projects, manuals full of information describing the nuances of each one and a team structure that takes up an entire office wall. Running a complex project is sometimes seen as proof that that the manager has the mettle for bigger things. However, some of the...
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Do You Prioritise Your Workload, or Someone Else?

For many people it can seem that the best way to get to the top in any organisation is to take on more work. Essentially, doing more is seen as the fastest way up the corporate ladder so they’ll be quick to say “yes” to anything they’re asked to do. However, this can be the...
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Do you ‘Like’ us?

We just added the new Facebook Like widget to our blog. If you’ve been following the Facebook news at their recent event you will know about this widget that allows you to easily integrate the same “Like” functionality that you see on Facebook profiles and pages on to your blog. So, we thought we’d do it too! So if...
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Do You Highlight the Failures?

We live in a world where we’re told to accentuate the positive and suppress the negative. We shouldn’t dwell on when things go wrong but should instead talk about the successes. But is this the best way to operate a project? The benefits of examining failure I’ve been on plenty of projects where there has...
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Do You Bill Yourself For Hours Worked?

When you work for yourself, it can be tempting to do all the business related tasks yourself to save money. But is this cost effective? Could you actually be wasting time and valuable money on things that are cheaper to outsource? A high proportion of our customers are entrepreneurs and by virtue of this fact,...
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