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ProProfs Project Now Available for Android

Keeping track of projects is easy when you’re at work, but often, you’ll need to leave the office. Usually right in the middle of a big update when you need to know what’s going on. This is when good communication is necessary, and knowing how your assigned tasks are performing is essential. Luckily, there’s an...
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ProProfs Project Enterprise is Here

We’d like to introduce to you a brand new version of ProProfs Project, called Enterprise. It’s better, faster, and simpler all at the same time. Things have been a little quiet these last few months, and the reason why is because we’ve been really busy working away on a new version of ProProfs Project which...
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ProProfs Project Goes Mobile!

We are very excited to announce the launch of the ProProfs Project mobile site (cue big fanfare music)! You can now run ProProfs Project on your favorite mobile browsers including the iPad. It’s been a long time coming but we’re excited to announce the launch of the ProProfs Project mobile site. When you log in...
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Become a Fan on Facebook

I’ve set up a Facebook page for those who don’t use Twitter to follow our updates. So do become a fan of this page and tell your friends. Become a fan of the page here, thanks all!572
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Avoid Project Failure by Handling Risks Early

  Ever had a project fail because of an unforeseen problem, only to have someone say “I knew that would happen?” If you have, then you’ll know that planning for all risks is a sage move. If you haven’t, then you’ve probably just been very lucky. Risks are a part of every project, whether small...
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Assign Permissions for Reports & Timesheets

We’ve just improved the user permissions system allowing for greater flexibility. You can now assign permissions for users to view Reports and Timesheets. Another great suggestion we had recently was to give users, not just administrators, the ability to create reports, for example a client who might want to generate their own reports, or a...
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Productivity in the Workplace

Great things happen we create fresh ideas that help us do our work better so our productivity flows. Collaboration is how bridges get built, train tracks are set to ground, and how rocket science propels us into unknown galaxies as we explore our universe further and further. Projects of larger scales can tax our attention,...
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ProProfs Project Affiliate Program

Announcing the new ProProfs Project Affiliate Program: Earn $20 for every referral! Lots of users recommend ProProfs Project, and they do it just because they love the service. However we want to reward those that recommend ProProfs Project with a $20.00 voucher every time someone upgrades. The voucher is credited back to your account automatically and you...
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Productivity at Home

Technology innovates how we engage with the frenetic pace of the workplace. The computing devices and mobile devices we use also shape how we think about productivity in the office — and productivity at home. A work day at home can take the most organized of us to task. When you work at home and...
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Prepare for the Christmas Project Stall

When a project stalls, it can be a testing time for all involved. Disruptions to projects can happen for a whole host of reasons and it’s up to a good project manager to deal with them and ensure they don’t cause massive delays. However, Christmas is a long holiday which has its problems, such as...
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