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Eliminating Email From Your Workflow

We have recently been working on a new update and also making plans for V2 of ProProfs Project. As we have been doing that I’ve been trying to think of the possible ways of eliminating email from the project management workflow. Is it possible and should we even be trying to doing it? Procrastination? I...
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The API is Live!

After months of development we have finally built and launched the ProProfs Project API! Developers can now get their hands on the internal organs of ProProfs Project and build their own apps which interface with our API. What does this mean to the non-technical person? It means that hopefully soon we will have the following...
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The API is Coming!

What is an API and how is it going to help ProProfs Project? An API is quite simply something that allows software to talk to each other. The good news is we are going to be building one for ProProfs Project. What does this mean? Well it means a great deal. Firstly the third-party software that you use (for...
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Testimonial of the Month

May Our latest testimonial comes from a social networking consultancy company in Los Angeles, California. They are new and growing very quickly thanks to their new found, easy-to-use management tool – ProProfs Project “After months of maneuvering around the unnecessary complexity of most CRMs on the market, we became fed up with not being able...
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Ten Ways to Keep Small Business Costs Down

Starting a new business can be challenging, and one of the most important concerns is keeping your in-house expenditures within reasonable limits. Let’s look at ten different methods to save money that can then be placed directly back into your ongoing operations. Savings from Home Depending upon the type of business you are running, it...
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Technology Can Help You, it Doesn’t Bite!

  Many people are still under the impression that technology is a bad thing that de-skills and takes away jobs, maybe that’s why there’s such a poor take up in some industries. But should be be afraid of it or can it actually give us a competitive advantage? I heard a statistic recently that made...
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Take Christmas off, You Deserve It!

You’ve probably been running around chasing deadlines for most of the year, can you at least spend some time with your family and relax for a while? You probably need to; it’ll help you re-assess your life, your values and reflect on everything you have around you. There’s something special about Christmas. In the Western...
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Systems – Essential in Businesses of All Sizes

A good friend of mine is a project manager at a small software company that is going places. They’ve managed to seal a few very lucrative deals lately with some large financial institutions and they are currently going through that difficult growth stage which means things are probably a little chaotic for many of the...
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Support ProProfs Project

Do you love project? If you feel it’s a service worth paying for please go to our Support page where you can make a financial contribution of your choice. Still trying it out? No problem, we love having you here. Just do us a favour and tell your friends. There will always be a free version available of Project...
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Summer Special Offers!

This offer is no longer active. It’s time for some summery special offers! We are offering the Small Business plan ($19) for the price of the Solo plan ($7) with the following special offers: Legacy User Offer Did you sign up before the 31st March? You qualify for the Legacy User Offer. Startup Web Designer / Developer Offer Does...
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