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Do You Highlight the Failures?

We live in a world where we’re told to accentuate the positive and suppress the negative. We shouldn’t dwell on when things go wrong but should instead talk about the successes. But is this the best way to operate a project? The benefits of examining failure I’ve been on plenty of projects where there has...
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Do You Bill Yourself For Hours Worked?

When you work for yourself, it can be tempting to do all the business related tasks yourself to save money. But is this cost effective? Could you actually be wasting time and valuable money on things that are cheaper to outsource? A high proportion of our customers are entrepreneurs and by virtue of this fact,...
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Do We Need Sleep to Stay Productive?

When many of us decide to take the plunge and work for ourselves, it can mean many changes. No longer are we chained to the 9-5 routine, but we also have a lot of work to do to remain successful. Certainly there are some who have found the secret to riches and lying all day...
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Development Roadmap

So that you can see what is officially bubbling, we’ve posted our Development Roadmap (which is basically a public project that we update often) for you all to see and comment on. You can request other features, or suggest that things be moved up in order of priority if you feel that’s necessary. As you...
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Say Hello to Our New API!

We’ve just finished our brand new API (v.2.0) which lays the foundation for some amazing new developments in the land of ProProfs Project. Read on to see what this all means. It doesn’t matter if you even understand what an ‘API’ is, this new update is going to be the beginning of an exciting future...
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Save Time Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Now it’s even easier and quicker to manage your projects & tasks. You can now use keyboard shortcuts to save even more time while using ProProfs Project. Quick, and simple. How do they work? It’s really easy. Firstly take a look at our keyboard shortcuts guide which includes all of the shortcuts (so far) with a bit...
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Save Time by Automating!

I’m sure the scenario is familiar. You take on a new client, and you start negotiating how you’re going to manage the job. You tell them that you’ve got a great project management system, and you’ll send them access details. However, they already have one, so they want you to update theirs. Suddenly you’ve got...
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Respond to Comments Via Email

We have just released a new feature that lets you, your staff or your clients respond to comments via email without needing to log in to ProProfs Project. This is quite a big update because not only does it allow your team or clients to respond to comments without needing to log in to Project...
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Recur Tasks & Projects Easily With ProProfs Project

Start the drum roll. Cue the lights. Welcome on to the stage part two of our big update, Recurring Projects and Tasks! Or in other words, a way to save more time! Yes. You asked for it. We finally did it. ProProfs Project now offers this incredibly useful new feature that allows you to recur...
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Recurring Invoicing

The long awaited Recurring Invoicing feature is live! Recurring invoicing has been one the most highly requested features since December 09, and now finally it’s ready. You can now automatically raise invoices every week, month or year. Just enable the “Recurring Invoice” option when you create an invoice and the invoice will be duplicated based...
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