Project Management

5 Efficient Ways to Manage Work with Remote Teams

Hiring the “right” talent for your company can be a challenge. Still, you’re motivated and on the go to hire employees that meet your expectations. After all, your organization has goals to meet. But what if you get stuck with the recruitment process? A study by NFIB reported that more than half of the small...
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How to Achieve Operational Excellence with Project Management Tools

Once you come across a project, what’s the first thought that strikes you? Is it the planning phase, where resource allocation and risk management strategies become a prime concern? Or the execution phase, where a need for integrated performance across risk, revenue, and cost becomes essential for a project’s success? Probably both. So, how do...
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8 Important Skills Every Elearning Project Manager Should Possess

What’s that one expectation every client has from its project manager? Project completion. But this too has criteria: One, results should be delivered on, or before the deadline. Two, ensure the quality of deliverable hasn’t been compromised in an attempt to finish the project before the due date arrives. It may seem little. But it’s...
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How Project Collaboration Software Can Make Your Team More Productive

Are clients becoming critical of your work? If yes, start working on the “why” part of the situation. You wouldn’t like losing them to your competitors. So consider the reasons that made them wary of your services. Let’s inspect some in detail: 1. It’s Communication That Makes or Breaks a Business Do you know that...
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Top Practices for Prioritizing Project Work for Your Team

As a Marketing Manager, I work with clients who do not have a unified business process and struggle to deliver their projects on time. They start their day with a list of things to accomplish and deliver a productive day but suddenly they have to shift their focus to some urgent official or unofficial work....
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Expert Opinion: Top 3 Project Management Trends to look for in 2018

Project Management took giant leaps in 2017 as PMI reported that organizations spent 20 percent less on cost overruns, which is a remarkable feat. Given that organizations can’t do without a streamlined project management anymore, business owners need to keep up with upcoming trends that promise a never stagnating growth. As 2017 comes to a...
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All You Need to Know About Project Risk Assessment

What Is a Project Risk? A project risk can be defined as any uncertain or unfortunate event that can cripple a project, keeping team members from achieving the objectives. Such risks can be known or unknown as no project is completely immune to them. While known risks can be anticipated and eliminated in advance with...
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Stop Chasing the Clock: 7 Time Management Tips for Project Managers

Managing time is one of the most tedious challenges faced by every project manager. In fact, only 31 percent projects are completed on time, owing to poor time management. Though meeting the deadlines is a “dream come true” for PMs, it remains far from reality in most cases. Although this can happen on account of...
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7 Common Reasons for Project Failure(and What You Can Do About It)

Project managers put in their sweat and blood to do justice to a project. From crushing deadlines to managing resources on a stiff budget, they do it all. Even after such painstaking efforts, watching a project choke to death is a painful sight. In fact, recent reports from PricewaterhouseCoopers suggest that only 2.5 percent of companies...
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