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Get Synchronized with the Global iCalendar Feed

Your ProProfs Project calendar now synchronizes with all major calendaring applications via the new global iCalendar feed. We are excited to announce the new syncing capabilities of the ProProfs Project calendar. You can now sync all of your milestones, including events, due projects, tasks and sub-tasks, with most major calendaring applications via the iCalendar feed at the...
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Free Project Management Software for Students

Are you a student? Please note this offer is no longer available ProProfs Project is going to be completely free for full-time students. We’re going to give away the Small Business version of ProProfs Project (worth $19 per month) to any students who are studying full-time. This means that you will be able to manage all your...
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Free Migration Service

Have you come from Basecamp, Freshbooks, Blinksale or Zoho? We offer a free migration service for our paid members. Just contact us first of all (using the link in the footer) to let us know which service you are coming from, then we’ll simply ask you for the export files that they give you. You...
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Focus on Today

We just launched two really great new features. One will help you keep focused on what is happening today, and the other will save you time as you select multiple projects or tasks and perform bulk actions. As we launched these features this weekend I started thinking about when ProProfs Project began. The original idea...
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The Magical Journey Shows How a Project Can Easily Fail

Getting a project wrong can be more than just annoying, it can be a disaster for all involved. Having famous people on board can make things worse as expectations will be high. Are you strong enough to know when to pull the plug and admit things aren’t going to plan? Unless you’ve literally just returned from a...
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The Importance of Goal Setting

As a project manager, what’s the first thing you do when planning a project? Set and define project goals, correct? Now, what if you’re unable to grasp the main goal behind executing a project? Or, the goals defined are too vague for your team to understand? There are a lot of aspects to look at...
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Fixed Price Projects and More

You can now create projects with a fixed price. Plus, we’ve added lots of other cool features to save you time and manage your business better. It’s been a busy summer! Despite the distraction of the Olympics in London, we’ve been able to roll out some great features for you all. Although a lot of...
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The Entrepreneur’s Guide to On-line Etiquette

Social networks have changed the way many of us communicate with each other. Whether chatting to friends and family or sending messages to colleagues, the way we do it has changed dramatically over the past decade. However, that change can cause problems. The nuances of the voice and how it changes to affect the meaning...
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Email Reminders for Due Projects

You can now get daily reminders for projects and tasks that are due. It may seem like a small feature but actually could be really useful for project managers wanting to make sure that collaborators finish projects and tasks on time, or simply for those wanting to know when a project or task needs to...
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Eliminating Email From Your Workflow

We have recently been working on a new update and also making plans for V2 of ProProfs Project. As we have been doing that I’ve been trying to think of the possible ways of eliminating email from the project management workflow. Is it possible and should we even be trying to doing it? Procrastination? I...
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