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How to Manage Holiday Stress

“The holiday season can be a challenging time of year”, states David Shern, Ph.D., President and CEO of Mental Health America. Well, that’s a colossal understatement. For most, ‘challenging’ doesn’t even begin to encompass the stress of the season. The holidays are fraught with stress at every curl of a ribbon, and every fender-bender in holiday...
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How to Make Sure You Get Paid on Time

In the world of business, there is perhaps nothing worse than putting in a great deal of effort and hard work only to realise that the client has failed to pay in a timely fashion. This is much more common than many are led to believe. There are nonetheless some sure-fire tips and tricks which...
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How to Handle Underperforming Staff

  As a project manager, there may be times when you are required to deal with staff who just aren’t performing when compared with their peers. If a member of staff is not delivering, is not performing well or is lacking, then it’s time to step in and take action. But what is the best...
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How to Fund Your New Business

Finding the necessary capital to pursue a business venture can be tricky. Do you borrow money? Do you use your savings or maybe re-mortgage the house? Here are just a few methods that you could consider although each one has its own pitfalls. Friends and Family Asking your close friends or family can be an...
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How Task Lists Can Keep You Happy

  Many ProProfs Project users are individuals cutting their way through the entrepreneurial jungle hoping to release themselves from the shackles of work-a-day life. Working for yourself is seen as both the ultimate way to gain freedom as well as a quick route to burn-out and so it’s important to keep a level head. Information...
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How People Interact – Collaboration Made Easy

The three primary ways in which humans interact are conversations, transactions and collaborations. This post explains each one of these and shows how each are important at times during our working life. Conversational Interaction This is where two or more people participate in an exchange of information primarily for relationship building or discovery. There are...
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Held Back By Digital Shortcomings?

These days we tend to take for granted technology and advancements that only a decade ago were expensive luxuries. Wherever we travel, we expect to get Wi-Fi or at least extremely fast cellphone connection such as 4G. However when working in some areas we can find that technology infrastructure is lacking and this can have...
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Happy Second Birthday ProProfs Project!

Today we celebrate two years of ProProfs Project! Two years ago today we launched a service that we thought might be useful to small teams and freelancers for managing projects and invoices. Two years later over 10,000 users all over the world are now managing their businesses, saving time and money with ProProfs Project We’re...
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Handling Late Project Delivery

As a project manager, one of the most difficult situations to handle can be the late delivery of a project. It will happen to most managers during their career but handling it well can keep the client on your side and lead to a successful completion. No matter how well you plan or run a...
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Go Amber! The New Project Status

It’s been a while since we blogged, and that’s because we’ve been busy working on a new and massive update. In the meantime we thought we’d add a few little teasers to keep you on the edge of your seats. One of those little ‘teaser features’ we thought we’d add is the new Amber Status which has...
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