Project Management

Technology Can Help You, it Doesn’t Bite!

  Many people are still under the impression that technology is a bad thing that de-skills and takes away jobs, maybe that’s why there’s such a poor take up in some industries. But should be be afraid of it or can it actually give us a competitive advantage? I heard a statistic recently that made...
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Take Christmas off, You Deserve It!

You’ve probably been running around chasing deadlines for most of the year, can you at least spend some time with your family and relax for a while? You probably need to; it’ll help you re-assess your life, your values and reflect on everything you have around you. There’s something special about Christmas. In the Western...
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Systems – Essential in Businesses of All Sizes

A good friend of mine is a project manager at a small software company that is going places. They’ve managed to seal a few very lucrative deals lately with some large financial institutions and they are currently going through that difficult growth stage which means things are probably a little chaotic for many of the...
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Support ProProfs Project

Do you love project? If you feel it’s a service worth paying for please go to our Support page where you can make a financial contribution of your choice. Still trying it out? No problem, we love having you here. Just do us a favour and tell your friends. There will always be a free version available of Project...
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Summer Special Offers!

This offer is no longer active. It’s time for some summery special offers! We are offering the Small Business plan ($19) for the price of the Solo plan ($7) with the following special offers: Legacy User Offer Did you sign up before the 31st March? You qualify for the Legacy User Offer. Startup Web Designer / Developer Offer Does...
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Sub-domains for Small Business

  Good news small business owners, sub-domains are back! Yes, due to popular demand we’re allowing those on the Small Business plan to now have their own sub-domain. Previously this was a feature for the Enterprise users only, but as most Enterprise users were using their own domains (a feature of the White Label Enterprise...
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Should I Consider Staff Project Management Training

When putting a team together for your next project, do you simply look down their CVs and check out the list of qualifications and experience? Do you take it all at face value and accept that if someone achieved a great qualification twenty years ago that they’re still fit to manage today? Gathering your ideal...
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Sharing Tasks

Collaboration has just been improved a little bit more. As you know you can share projects with collaborators, and with that you can share To-dos and leave comments with your team. Previously only collaborators that you assigned to tasks would gain visibility of the tasks, which was fine when working with team members who only...
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Share Your Projects and Collaborate!

The Collaboration Update is live! You can now invite your friends and colleagues to your projects. There are also some other cool new features in this latest update for 2010. Collaborate! You can now invite your friends and colleagues to your projects and assign tasks. Although quite basic, this feature enables you to share and assign...
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