Project Management

Should I Consider Staff Project Management Training

When putting a team together for your next project, do you simply look down their CVs and check out the list of qualifications and experience? Do you take it all at face value and accept that if someone achieved a great qualification twenty years ago that they’re still fit to manage today? Gathering your ideal...
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Sharing Tasks

Collaboration has just been improved a little bit more. As you know you can share projects with collaborators, and with that you can share To-dos and leave comments with your team. Previously only collaborators that you assigned to tasks would gain visibility of the tasks, which was fine when working with team members who only...
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Share Your Projects and Collaborate!

The Collaboration Update is live! You can now invite your friends and colleagues to your projects. There are also some other cool new features in this latest update for 2010. Collaborate! You can now invite your friends and colleagues to your projects and assign tasks. Although quite basic, this feature enables you to share and assign...
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Server Upgrades

Many of you will be aware that last night the server crashed and had to be rebooted three times before it was back up and stable. It took 12 hours to do this and I was up most of the night checking progress and posting updates on Twitter. A full investigation in to this has begun...
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At ProProfs Project we take privacy and security very seriously and we understand that it’s very important to you too. Therefore, as you are trusting us to look after your data we thought we would list some of our security & privacy practices to help give you peace of mind. 256-bit SSL encryption All sessions...
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Effective LinkedIn Usage in Three Easy Steps

As a small business owner, you need to get your message out to as many people as possible. Sales can come from many places but these days, one of the biggest sources is likely to be social media. LinkedIn is one platform that is growing quickly, and it promises more than just pictures of your...
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Easily Track Your Expenses

Finally, a feature that you’ve been requested from day one has arrived. Introducing the ProProfs Project Expenses Tracking system, saving you more time and hassle. A while ago many of you were suggesting a simple way to track your expenses and have yourselves another reason not to use any other tool except ProProfs Project (a...
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Easily Assign Sub-tasks

We’ve just made the interface even easier for you to use and added the ability to assign sub-tasks, saving you more time and hopefully making you a lot happier. We are very excited about our latest new update. Not only can you assign sub-tasks (which was a big request) and apply due dates to them,...
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Eager to Integrate With Your Favourite Apps?

Zapier is a superb web application and now ProProfs Project integrates with it, you can leverage its power to bring many of your existing apps together. It really is a time-saving tool and can save hours a week which in turn means you can get on with earning money! Basecamp and ProProfs Project Basecamp is...
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