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How Project Collaboration Software Minimize Problems in Creative Collaboration

Collaboration is a crucial pillar of success, regardless of the job type or industry sector. It would not be an exaggeration to claim that the outcome of every project is dependent on the level of collaboration taking place between different team members. In that sense, effective collaboration emerges as the backbone of success for every...
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5 Effective Strategies to Improve Team Collaboration

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve worked hard to land that big client that would change your agency’s fortunes. You’ve got an elaborate project plan, enthusiastic stakeholders, and tons of resources ready to go. You can’t wait to dip your hands into the project and deliver stellar results. But when it comes to your...
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10 Tips For Time Management to Enhance Team Productivity

Can you imagine all the things we can learn about ourselves if we were all honest with 100% of the time? We could make a number of positive changes if we just admitted to ourselves what we struggled with! We’d probably be surprised by how many of us share the same struggles. We may know...
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Experts Round-Up: How Do You Ensure You Meet Your Project Deadlines

A lot is at stake if an organization fails to complete a project within a deadline. Obviously, you can’t keep the quality at stake while meeting the set due dates for the project. But adhering to quality standards while completing a project in time is quite a challenge. But not a difficult one to achieve....
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6 Strategies to Become a More Productive Team Manager

Managers have a lot on their plate. Right from managing day-to-day activities to monitoring team productivity – there are so many responsibilities that managers need to take care off. SAs a result, they might lose track of the most important responsibility. What’s that, you ask? Increasing employee productivity. It is vital to keep your employees...
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What is a Gantt Chart & How to Use Gantt Charts for Project Planning

Ever seen a knife juggler in action? Think about how difficult, and dangerous, it would be to juggle multiple sharp knives at the same time. You’d have to be extremely cautious (not to mention extremely skilled) and need to keep an eye on all the knives at the same time while knowing precisely when to...
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How Software Developers Can Incorporate the Use of Project Management Software

You are managing a team of software developers.  You planned the entire project execution and explained exactly what module each developer needs to deliver and by what time.  Assigning tasks and not following up or coordinating between all developers can cost a lot in the long run.  The cost? Project failure Budget overruns …but, the...
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5 Efficient Ways to Manage Work with Remote Teams

Did you know that 52% of recruiters reported that they encountered issues like a lack of qualified applicants for their open positions? It’s shocking and a major concern for most businesses.  So, how do you deal with it? Reaching talent was a hassle before, but not anymore. You have so many recruitment portals to scout...
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How to Utilize Operational Excellence Tools to Improve Project Management Operations

What’s the first thought that strikes you when you think of project management operations? Is it the planning phase, where resource allocation and risk management strategies become a prime concern? Or the execution phase, where a need for integrated performance across risk, revenue, and cost becomes essential for a project’s success? Probably both? So, how...
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