Project Management

Introducing the Project Calendar

We are very excited to announce the launch of the new ProProfs Project Calendar. Get an overview of all your due projects, tasks, events and drag and drop them to re-plan. We often get emails asking us if we’re going to introduce a calendar system to ProProfs Project. Many of you found that you needed...
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Introducing Tags and HTML Emails

Another month, another round of cool updates for you. This time we’re proud to announce the introduction of a new tagging system plus other features you’ll love. We’ve been hard at work improving the features we already have but also bringing in a few new ones to help with the organisation of your projects. We’ll...
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Introducing Partial Payments

We’re excited to tell you about a new feature that has been requested many times since we first introduced the invoicing system last year. You can now make Partial Payments on an invoice and filter invoices based on projects. This feature works great for those wanting to take deposits on projects or for those wanting...
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Introducing iCal Synchronization

Synchronize your project and task milestones with iCal and Google Calendar. We were feeling festive and thought we’d give you all a nice Christmas gift for 2011, iCal and Google Calendar feeds! We hope you enjoy the festive treat! Simply click on the Project Report page (magnifying glass), then click on iCal Feed. You will...
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Introducing Gantt-style Multi-day Events

Today we have another big announcement for you. We’ve just re-launched our calendar which has many new features such as multi-day events, a week view, outlook for next month, and more. Last week we announced our new iPhone app which has gone down very well indeed. This week we are announcing our brand new calendar which greatly...
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Introducing Archiving

We’re on fire! Another new highly requested feature for you is an Archiving Tool that lets you put your projects, estimates and invoices in to an Archive. This can be useful for those that want to hide their projects or invoices away somewhere, without deleting them. Say for example you want to archive all of...
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Integrating Project with Slack

The world has gone crazy over the latest addition to the messaging world: Slack. When you first use this tool, you wonder what the fuss is about. It’s just a chat app that looks suspiciously like the old days of IRC, but after a few days, you wonder how you ever did without it! Messaging...
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Improved Timesheets and Add to Invoice Feature

We’ve added some cool new features as well as updating existing functionality. Check out what we’ve been working on this month, and find out what is in the pipeline for October. The Timesheet feature is a powerful feature that is often missed in ProProfs Project. Users know they can click the timer to add time...
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Improved CSV Export

We’ve just made reporting even better in ProProfs Project. You can now download CSV exports directly from reports, plus we’ve improved the standard CSV exports across each tab. Getting your data out is just as important as getting your project, task and time data in. Therefore we’ve been focused on improving the export facilities in...
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Improved Billing for Time Entries

We’ve just made a few updates improving the way that time entries are billed for in ProProfs Project. Previously you could only bill for your tasks once, unless you reset the billed status of the task. This works great for Fixed Price tasks, but if you are continuously billing for the same project and tracking...
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