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Language Translation

We have a lot of international users requesting that ProProfs Project be translated in to different languages. We want to do this, and it’s possible – however it needs your help. Eventually I want to be able to have a Language Selection drop-down in the User Details page, and then that translates the website and...
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January Updates & New Features

So we’ve been busy the last few weeks updating ProProfs Project with lots more of your feature requests and suggestions. Here we’ll talk about what is new for January 2011. As we’ve been getting more and more small businesses joining project with larger teams, we’ve been really ramping up the collaboration abilities and making project...
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It Happens to Everyone. Stay Calm

You’re new to the job, you haven’t even learned where the canteen is and yet you’re dragged into a meeting with a bunch of other people. They all look at you. Your boss has told them that you come from a very technical background, you’ve looked after many servers in your previous roles. This new...
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Is Social Media Productive or Destructive?

Last week, Susan had a terrifying experience. She was sitting at her desk among the confines of her tiny cubicle posting the latest eCard. She smiled in gleeful anticipation of the avalanche of likes and comments she knew were soon to come. As she concluded her post, the eerie feeling crept over her – she...
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iPhone & iPad Apps

We know a lot of you are eagerly anticipating our iPhone & iPad apps and we have announced in the past that the apps will be ready in July. Unfortunately however, you might have to wait a while longer because of unforeseen delays. So here’s the deal – basically we are building our API at the moment...
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iPhone 3.0 Friendly!

I’m excited to announce that ProProfs Project now has iPhone 3.0 support. You can now use project on the move with the iPhone, iPod Touch and Android mobile browsers. Full Javascript support now added, with resized viewport. Please note however, things aren’t perfect but we’ll try and improve the layout over time. Look out for...
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Invoicing Made Simple!

I’m very pleased to announce the latest feature, a complete rebuild of the invoicing system that you are going to LOVE. Since project has been launched I’ve never really been completely comfortable with the way invoices were created, and some of you expressed similar views. The fact they were tied to projects meant you couldn’t...
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Invoicing Made Even Easier!

Invoicing just got even easier! Before you had to go back to the main interface to edit your invoice, or if you wanted to just change the title of the invoice for example it was a bit of a pain. Now you can do it all on the same page, easy! The new toolbar at the...
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Invoice Reporting & More Features

We’ve got some great new features for you to start the new year. We always listen to your suggestions and pretty much every new feature you’ll read about is something you’ve suggested, so read on to see what’s new. Firstly, happy belated new year. We haven’t posted much since Christmas because we’ve been busy developing...
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Introducing Version 2.0!

We’re very excited to announce ProProfs Project Version 2.0! With sub-tasks, real-time collaboration, a new dashboard and project email threading, we are sure you’ll love this exciting new update. It’s been a few months in the making, but version 2.0 is now live! Yesterday we celebrated our second birthday and thought it was very fitting to release...
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