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Expert Opinion: Top 3 Project Management Trends to look for in 2020

Project Management took giant leaps in 2017 as PMI reported that organizations spent 20 percent less on cost overruns, which is a remarkable feat. Given that organizations can’t do without a streamlined project management anymore, business owners need to keep up with upcoming trends that promise a never stagnating growth. As 2017 comes to a...
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Project Risk Assessment: All You Need to Know About

If I were to give one project risk assessment example that ultimately led to project failure, it would be the launch of Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Do you remember that launch? The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched on Aug. 2, 2016. It was said to be “the best smartphone the world will see” for...
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Stop Chasing the Clock: 7 Time Management Tips for Project Managers

Managing time is one of the most tedious challenges faced by every project manager. In fact, only 31 percent projects are completed on time, owing to poor time management. Though meeting the deadlines is a “dream come true” for PMs, it remains far from reality in most cases. Although this can happen on account of...
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7 Common Reasons for Project Failure

Project failure is every project manager’s worst nightmare. Whether the project is small or large, there is always a possibility of project risks that crop up leading to project failure. Let’s take the example of the Type 1 jeans introduced by Levi’s in the early 2000s. Levi Strauss introduced Type 1 Jeans that were designed...
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11 Experts Share Their Advice on Top 3 Skills Needed to Succeed as a Project Manager

There are various aspects and skills needed for successful project completion like initiation, execution, and planning. Technical or vocational training will not prepare you for handling variant circumstances. It is only the innate qualities or skills of a project manager that let him meet high expectations. There are so many pitfalls to project management success...
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6 Ways Cloud-Based Project Management System Saves Time And Money

Everything in today’s world is on the cloud. Right from day-to-day transactional data/services to in-depth, researched organizational data/services – everything is now saved on the cloud. Technology has come a long way – and now, in 2019, even mind-mapping is possible.  Before the cloud computing era, most software available on the net offered limited storage...
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Emerging & Latest Project Management Trends That You Must Know

For any business to outgrow good and latest trends following system is necessary as it helps your business to stay in the market. Every business follows the most powerful strategy that revolves around an idea that if you are accepting any speed for your business then it is important you stay at the pace with...
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7 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Project Management Software

Ever felt like committing to a to-do app is tough? Well, try convincing your entire team to start using a project management solution and get them to use it diligently over the course of an entire project! A challenge most organizations face while looking for a good project management software: Find a solution that packs...
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5 Project Management Face-Palms You Need to Avoid

Project management is fine art. It requires attention to detail, while at the same time keeping perspective on the bigger picture. It’s no surprise then that many within the industry are floundering. Inefficiency is a constant, and with a number of companies I observe, I think to myself: where’s the larger sense of a project...
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Essentials of Task Delegation in Project Management 

In the world of business, time is money, meaning the more efficiently a project manager delegates tasks, the more the organization will prosper.     Conquering the market and ruling the industry is not a one man job. It takes a whole company to pursue the common goal of getting ahead of the competition. However, to...
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