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Project Managers – Learn to Be Proactive, Not Reactive

If you Google “the top characteristics of a good project manager”, you’ll get the following results: Effective Communication Skills Team-Building Skills Technical Expertise Decision Making Skill These are great!  But, the key characteristic that the list misses out on is being proactive in project management. What’s proactive project management, you may ask? Let’s take an...
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One-to-One Interview with Elizabeth Harrin, The Project Management Expert

Project management is an important skill that organizations should have onboard for the successful completion of their project. But, many managers have a number of questions related to project management that go unanswered. Taking a few examples: Is project planning important? What will happen if we skip the initial phases? Why do project risks occur...
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How to Identify Project Scope: All You Need to Know

Most projects are usually doomed right from the start.  Why?  Three words – unclear project scope.  Defining scope of a project is extremely important to not only make sure no obstacles crop up unexpectedly but also to resolve any potential risks that may arise during its execution.   According to the Pulse of the Profession Report...
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Common Project Risks and How EPM Software is a Great Solution

Imagine you’ve recently taken up a project after meeting with a client and understood what they wish to achieve through their vision. You gather your entire team to plan out how to execute the project within a set deadline. You allocate the resources and assign specific goals to your team members, and everything is going...
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Positive Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

Human minds are known for their superhuman feats. The only thing limiting a person from achieving greatness is the mind itself. However, sometimes when faced with unexpected challenges the mind overcomes them by going beyond its limitations. All it takes to achieve greatness is the drive to be better. The same is applicable to project...
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How BlockChain Technology can Revolutionize Project Management?

The blockchain technology is experiencing exponential growth and its market will be worth $2.3 billion by 2021. Until now, blockchain’s use was confined to cryptocurrency trading. That’s because it ensures a decentralized, secure, transparent, and cost-effective environment for the hassle-free exchange of cryptocurrencies. This is the reason for its acceptability across the world. And now...
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Manage Multiple Tasks with a Feature Rich ProProfs Project

Imagine this: You took up a project to organize an official event for a client – let’s say a technical workshop. You’ll have to keep in mind: What type or number of equipment will the workshop require? Who needs to be invited? Where should the workshop take place?  What would the time-stamping be of the...
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Top 5 Project Management Trends for 2020

Managing projects has become a lot simpler for organizations today. From planning, organizing to monitoring the progress of a project, all aspects can be carried out anytime, anywhere, thanks to the proliferation of user-friendly software tools. Each year brings in new trends that continue to transform the project-management landscape further, affecting both the software you...
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Top 5 Features to Consider Before Investing in a Project Management Software

The increasing use of project management software has allowed many organizations to help their clients achieve their goals efficiently. With the work management system in place, you get subjected to complaints from your clients. These can include: a. How teams aren’t able to deliver work systematically for quite some time. b. How clients can’t track...
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Embracing the Importance of Agility at Work

Adjusting to changes in projects shouldn’t be a chore and it shouldn’t cause problems for everyone involved. Similarly, no change should be a huge surprise to everyone on a project. Working on a project, and anything you’re currently spending time on, with an agile approach can ensure issues are kept to a minimum. An agile...
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