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How Much Do You Know About Student Self Assessment

It’s not too hard to find a teacher cribbing about the time spent in preparing test papers, conducting tests and then grading them. If you’re a teacher, you would most probably know how crucial it is to give routine tests to students all the time, only to identify knowledge gaps and prepare better classroom instructions....
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Training Employees for Motivation, Success, and Retention

We brought a plant home and for months it warmed our hearts. In a matter of a few days, it reached an almost dead state. No longer was it a feast for the eyes. The color started to fade from green to yellow and eventually brown. The leaves begin to shrink in size. And no...
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Ultimate Guide to Online Content Marketing Courses

Online content marketing is the most lucrative and demanding discipline in the current marketing industry.  Every company and business with an online store or content website is looking forward to hiring an expert in this field to help them grow their online presence.  Despite the increasing need for expertise in this category, academic institutions are...
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Want to Create a Perfect Online Test? Stick to These Rules

Standardized testing has been around for centuries (oh yes, the first evidence dates back to the Han dynasty in 206 BC!) but now, their time is clearly over. Online tests are faring way better than the standardized tests in a modern education system, helping educators succeed in various segments. While online tests are making swift...
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5 Skills and Training Tools Every Corporate Trainer Must Have

Once you see results, it becomes an addiction. Many businesses still see employee training as an expense and not as a long-term investment. So, they are paying the heavy price of having untrained employees working in their organizations. With business competition intensifying everywhere, the need to drive employee performance takes center stage, and business owners...
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Online Compliance Training: 10 Best Practices that You Should Start Following

The earlier you start working on something, the earlier you will see results. 29% of CCOs or Chief Compliance Officers in the United States have not documented or are not sure whether they have standardized compliance roles and responsibilities for their employees. Such inadequacies attract legal or external regulatory actions from the government that result in...
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5 Great Tips to Write Engaging Quiz Questions for Marketing

It wasn’t too long ago that marketers realized the value of including quizzes as a part of their marketing strategy and quizzes soon became a tool for lead generation. These days, almost every other brand is considering quizzes as a means to gather customer data and a source to look into customers’ taste & preference....
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The 2020 Learning Management System Forecast

Teaching in the Internet age means we must teach tomorrow’s skills today – Jennifer Fleming They say that a person is as good as dead the day they stop learning as it stunts their personal growth. Today, there are so much information and knowledge available for us to absorb that no person can ever say that...
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