Learning & Training

Elearning solutions and strategies for small businesses

Elearning solutions have revolutionized education at all levels, and now more companies are starting to recognize the awesome potential of moving their training online. Currently, elearning accounts for about 40% of all corporate training, and that number is expected to grow rapidly in the coming years. Obstacles to the adoption of elearning solutions by businesses—time...
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How to utilize elearning in a manufacturing environment

Manufacturing environments are very challenging workplaces and such industries typically require a lot of ingenuity to incorporate and implement elearning programs as a method of training. In a manufacturing company, workers don’t get a lot of time away from the production area, assembly line or Plant. This is an important factor when utilizing eLearning in...
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How to determine the best elearning programs for your organization

If you are in the business of learning, training or course development, more than likely, you use or have been exposed to different elearning programs. Taking elearning courses only requires a small learning curve if the programs are user friendly. However, choosing the right elearning programs for your organization, if that is your responsibility, can...
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Best practices for designing the storyboard for elearning courses

Before you start creating a storyboard for your elearning course, you should do a thorough training needs analysis to determine the learning objectives for your elearning course. Then, you should develop the design document. After the design document is created, develop the storyboard for the course. You should create a storyboard in order to plan...
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New learning technologies: enhanced access or new digital divide?

In the 1990s, when computer use was expanding rapidly in both homes and schools, concern arose about the digital divide, the unequal access to technology between people in higher and lower socioeconomic classes. This was particularly a problem for education, as students in affluent schools had much greater access to new technologies than students in...
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History of learning management systems

The goal of making education easier, better and faster through automation has been around for decades. Beginning in the early 20th century with a rudimentary device that resembled a typewriter through today’s sophisticated cloud-based systems, the history of Learning Management Systems has been evolutionary. This evolutionary history has been closely tied to the development of...
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LMS and LCMS Comparison Sheet

Let’s face the facts; the world of employee training and development is evolving rapidly. The tools that are available for meeting the training needs of our workforce are becoming more complex. At the same time, the lines between these different training tools are blurring. In order to understand the best way to use what’s available,...
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10 reasons why a SaaS LMS is the most cost-effective choice

The past few years of economic hardship have driven most companies to cut expenses wherever they can. Finding efficiencies has become a way for organizations to maintain their competitiveness, while still retaining their valuable workforce. But in order to develop and keep top-tier employees, companies must continue to provide the most current training. Job skills...
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