Knowledge Management

Delight Your Support Staff and Customers with an Online Help Center

“We’ve had three big ideas at Amazon that we’ve stuck with for 18 years, and they’re the reason we’re successful: Put the customer first. Invent. And be patient.” – Jeff Bezos When the man of mettle himself says that putting customers at the forefront and being patient with them can lead you to success, you...
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How to Create Successful Training Manuals

Training your workforce that’s spread across the globe, can be a tedious and time-consuming task, given the amount of effort, money and time that goes into conducting training sessions in various office locations. Imagine this – You are on a hiring drive and to fill up the vast number of vacancies in your firm, you...
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Why Is Personal Knowledge Base the Most Trending Thing Now

The ceaseless blast of information becomes too much to handle, especially for those forming the leadership of a company. With so much to digest every day, information scattered haphazardly makes the higher management team go berserk. The struggle to deal with the humongous amount of data incoming from various fields has triggered the need for...
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How to Create an Excellent Employee Handbook for Your Workforce

You might have hired the creme de la creme of candidates having strong experience and educational background, but surprisingly, you are still disappointed, due to unachieved goals and low employee engagement. Add to this the high turnover that aggravates the problem even more. In spite of having the right talent for your business, what is...
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How Can Using Help Center Software Help You Win More Customers

With digital making in-roads in every nook and cranny of the globe, businesses are going berserk, digging out innovative ways to satiate the growing need for instant gratification among customers. While the mad rush is on, what would you do? Will you join the bandwagon of companies trying innovation or will you stick to the...
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How to Create the Perfect Saas Product Documentation for Your Customers

SaaS documentation is one aspect of an organization that deserves considerable attention but receives very little. It’s often put on the backburner due to the common perception that it’s not as valuable as other tasks that help firms clock more revenue or grab more customers. However, times are changing and this common perception is slowly...
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Delight Your Customers with Contextual Help

Imagine yourself as a customer of a software company. You’ve bought a software product from the firm, but when you begin using it, you find it difficult to understand its functionality. To get a holistic understanding of the software, you start navigating through its online documentation in the hope that it will clear all your...
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All you Need to Know About Internal Help Center

Are satisfied customers the only important entities that can determine a positive growth graph for your business? Absolutely, not. Without a shadow of a doubt, your clients are the most crucial, given the fact that they bring you revenue. But they are not the only ones. Your employees, in other words, the pillars that support...
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Employee Onboarding: How to Use Your Knowledge Base Effectively

Did you ever imagine walking into the office on your first day at work and getting to know the key players from your team over doughnuts and coffee? Well, that’s how the onboarding program at Zumper goes. Google leads the way when it comes to innovating onboarding programs and naturally excels at making employees feel...
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6 Simple Tips to Building an Excellent Internal Knowledge Base

Do you know: Only 13% of the employees across the world are engaged at their workplaces. Talking of the U.S. alone, a mere 32% of the employees are deeply or superficially engaged in their organizations. Pondering as to why I am randomly stating these facts? Just to bring into limelight the employee engagement crisis that’s...
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