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Find Out What Your Customers Are Searching for in Your Online Documentation

You’ve created online documentation to guide your customers and support staff with the primary aim of reducing customer tickets. Unfortunately, this effort isn’t getting the desired results. This calls for making significant improvements in your content, making it customer-centric, relevant and information-rich. It is essential that you know what your customers are searching for, the...
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How to Build a Perfect Wiki for Your Business

A report by McKinsey has confirmed that: A working professional spends 28% of his workweek reading and answering emails 20% of a week goes in searching and gathering information These statistics confirm that searching for information is a tough task when it is unorganized and unstructured. Many companies today are grappling with this issue, figuring...
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5 Major Reasons to Create an Online Knowledge Base

The increasing inclination of businesses towards knowledge management has brought to the fore the need for building an online knowledge bank that serves their customers and employees alike. Unlike some time back, when firms sidelined knowledge management, but today, companies across a spectrum of industries are pulling all stops to manage their business knowledge effectively....
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Brace up Businesses, The Millennials Have Arrived

Mention the word ‘Millennials,’ and an image of competitive, uber-smart, on-the-go and hyper-connected people conjure up in our minds. Millennials have in fact created such a buzz in the market that everyone from recruiters and psychologists to marketers are trying to dissect their behavior and leaving no stone unturned to woo them. Due to shock...
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How Important is an Online Knowledge Base for a SaaS Business

Providing customers with an A-class experience is essential for businesses across all industries. This is even more important for SaaS companies, given the fact that they deal with software products that are complicated and many times difficult to comprehend for end users. Getting constant support requests on how to use a particular software and its...
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3 Sure-Shot Ways to Optimize Your Knowledge Base

You’ve already created a knowledge base for your company, and it’s giving you decent results – your customers are increasingly using it to get information, so support tickets have gone down. This is at a time when you haven’t put much effort into building a best-in-class knowledge base. Now imagine, how tremendously advantageous it can...
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Does Your Workforce Spend Too Much Time Searching for Information?

Corporate professionals have to deal with a humongous amount of data on a daily basis. Especially for those at the managerial level, this task becomes even more tedious when the information is scattered across various files and folders. According to a McKinsey report, employees spend 1.8 hours every day—9.3 hours per week, on an average—searching...
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How Can a Knowledge Base Benefit Your Startup

In the world of internet customer service, it’s important to remember your competitor is only one mouse click away. – Doug Warner It’s a real challenge for startups to brave the fierce competition posed by corporate giants and thrive in the tough business landscape. To ace this race and emerge as a leader over the...
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Consistent Engagement – A Winning Strategy to Retain Your Employees

Employee engagement is a formula that HR managers have been trying to crack for long. Given the increasing rates of employee turnover, they are struggling to find the right way to engage employees. Should you be concerned about it? If you see the figures below, you will definitely be, in case you aren’t. A research...
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Employee Handbook – Why You Need It and What Should It Cover?

Hiring talented employees and retaining them is a top priority, as your business thrives on your workforce. The kind of experience your new recruits gain during the initial ten days of joining speaks volumes about your organization. Their chances of sticking or leaving your company are the highest in these days. It’s a crucial time,...
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