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How Can a Knowledge Base Improve Customer Retention

A full-fledged knowledge management system can work wonders for an organization. Given the various benefits it offers, it has become a necessity for managing business knowledge and streamlining processes among both small and large businesses. Besides, a knowledge management system also helps firms to cater to their customers in a better way, provide them the...
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Top Knowledge Management Trends of 2020

Knowledge management has created a buzz in the business landscape, with organizations across a spectrum of industries, embracing it wholeheartedly. Powered by technology, knowledge management today is much more than what it used to be. Its scope has widened, thanks to the robust software tools that are making it easier for firms to manage knowledge...
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Enterprise Wiki vs Free Wiki: Which One to Choose and When?

Wikis can be used for different purposes and that too in a creative way. A wiki is nothing but an online repository of valuable information that’s used to educate the readers.  There are two types of wikis: Free and Enterprise. Let’s see how they are different from each other.  Free Wiki vs. Enterprise Wiki First, let...
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Create Sales Enablement Content to Achieve Marketing Success

The crux of every business is to sell products and earn revenue. And there is a whole world surrounding it, full of strategies and methodologies on how to go about achieving this goal. It is like a nervous system of processes that enable businesses to function, change, adapt and succeed. The whole thing can appear...
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Conversing with Ian Moyse on Cloud-Based Knowledge Management

Knowledge management is undoubtedly helping companies to scale up their business today, but there are still many companies that are unaware of how online knowledge management can benefit them.  For those, looking for some valuable insights on knowledge management, we have something worthwhile for you. Read our latest interview with Ian Moyse, who is the...
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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Knowledge Base

Does your business need a knowledge base? This question can be answered by another question – Do you want happy customers and knowledgeable employees? If your answer is ‘yes’, then your business surely needs a knowledge base. Let’s first take a look at what a knowledge base is. In simple terms, a knowledge base is...
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It’s About Time You Went Paperless with Online Documentation

We all know the story of paper and how it has become an indispensable part of our lives. Imagining a world without paper is not possible since everything that we see around us – books, documents, manuals, brochures, cartons, etc. are paper-based. Pity eucalyptus, pine and many other trees that are rampantly cut to produce...
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How to Enhance the Productivity of Your Customer Support Staff

Customer support agents in any organization are the most stressed out. They continuously have to deal with customer requests and maintain the same level of enthusiasm throughout the day, right from the first call when they come to office till the last one. This is because they are the face of any business and hence,...
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Some Useful Insights on Knowledge Base by Gordon Tredgold

Customers today seek instant gratification and the best way to provide this is through a self-service knowledge base. The Do-It-Yourself approach is gaining wide popularity with customers preferring to solve queries on their own, without reaching out to support staff. They don’t want to wait for their turn to talk, which is time-consuming and frustrating....
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Can a Travel Knowledge Base Help You Cater to Globetrotters?

A few years ago, my parents paid frequent visits to offices of travel agents to finalize our annual holiday destination and plan the itinerary. Now when I look back, I realize how tedious and time-consuming it was, right from zeroing in on a travel destination and booking tickets to choosing a hotel and planning the...
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