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How to Create an Internal Knowledge Base

Did you know?  Fortune 500 companies can lose a whopping $31.5 billion every year because of poor knowledge-sharing practices Effective knowledge sharing can increase employee productivity by 10-40%. Internal knowledge management is indeed the need of the hour. To completely reap its benefits, businesses can use a knowledge base system in two specific ways –...
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How to Create Online FAQs with FAQ Software

Providing quality products and services to customers is, of course, the priority of every business. But it does no good when customers’ questions are overlooked, and there is no defined strategy to resolve them.  No matter how easy-to-use your product or service is, customers and prospects will always have some questions. You will need to...
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How to Write a Sales Script for Sales Enablement [With Example]

Convincing prospects about your products or services is a daunting challenge. You have to literally read their minds and be cautious while interacting with them, over calls, or emails. You might be a seasoned sales executive with substantial experience, but there is always an interaction that could go wrong.  To be confident and extra sure...
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FAQ Page Best Practices: How to Optimize Your FAQ Section

One of the best aspects of knowledge management software is that you can use it to create an FAQ section on your website. This section is dedicated to the key questions people are likely to ask regarding your business, products, or services. FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions and forms a significant part of various...
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Personalize Customer Experience for Positive Brand-Building

When you start a small business, you begin with a blank slate. Every decision you make builds the foundation for your enterprise’s future. If you want to build a solid foundation, create a compelling brand that resonates with your target audience. For this, providing excellent experiences to your customers is a prerequisite. Don’t forget that...
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How to Drive Efficient Customer Experiences Using Marketing Automation Tools

Modern customers are tough nuts. It is difficult to catch their attention with flashy banners placed in the middle of a webpage, or a loud video commercial broadcasted on TV. They use different gadgets and consume content from different screens in various formats.  During the past decade, consumers have also virtually mastered the art of...
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How Can a Knowledge Base Improve Customer Retention

A full-fledged knowledge management system can work wonders for an organization. Given the various benefits it offers, it has become a necessity for managing business knowledge and streamlining processes among both small and large businesses. Besides, a knowledge management system also helps firms to cater to their customers in a better way, provide them the...
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Top Knowledge Management Trends of 2019

Knowledge management has created a buzz in the business landscape, with organizations across a spectrum of industries, embracing it wholeheartedly. Powered by technology, knowledge management today is much more than what it used to be. Its scope has widened, thanks to the robust software tools that are making it easier for firms to manage knowledge...
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Enterprise Wiki vs Free Wiki: Which One to Choose and When?

Wikis can be used for different purposes and that too in a creative way. A wiki is nothing but an online repository of valuable information that’s used to educate the readers.  There are two types of wikis: Free and Enterprise. Let’s see how they are different from each other.  Free Wiki vs. Enterprise Wiki First, let...
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Create Sales Enablement Content to Achieve Marketing Success

The crux of every business is to sell products and earn revenue. And there is a whole world surrounding it, full of strategies and methodologies on how to go about achieving this goal. It is like a nervous system of processes that enable businesses to function, change, adapt and succeed. The whole thing can appear...
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