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Self Service Customer Support – Everything You Need to Know

The face of customer support is changing fast. Now more than ever before, self-service has become the new way of serving customers. Unlike decades ago, when people relied on support teams to resolve their issues, customers today are increasingly opting for the DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to get information. Calling the support staff is...
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The Ultimate Guide for Customer Journey Optimization

Do you understand the journey your customers go through before they buy from you? The process of buying products or services differs from one person to another. Customer journeys help you comprehend how buyers behave when they visit your online or offline stores. With this knowledge, you can focus on improving those processes so that...
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Customer Experience in Banking – Know How to Excel at It

Customer experience has become an integral part of any business, including banks. Increasingly, it is becoming a key differentiator besides price and product.  In the banking industry, customers prefer to work with banks that provide them with simple banking solutions, personalized engagement, and round the clock access to their accounts. As such, banks that innovate...
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The Ultimate Guide to Customer Onboarding

The process of acquiring customers is a long and tedious one for any business. A lot of investment and time goes into prospecting, communicating, and deal-making before leads finally get converted into customers.  When prospects finally glide through the marketing funnel and make a purchase decision, the experience they get as they transact with your...
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Difference Between Help Desk and Knowledge Base Software

As the business environment gets more competitive, customer expectations have significantly gone up. Today, more than ever before, buyers value the quality of customer service they get from brands. A Microsoft study shows that 54% of customers have high customer service expectations, with 69% of them rating it as very important in their choice of...
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Tips to Provide Seamless Customer Support During Holiday Season

The holiday season is highly significant for businesses. It is during this time that companies register substantial increases in sales as most people go out to purchase gifts for their loved ones. On the flip side, customers tend to be more demanding during peak season. Although they recognize that the holiday season is a hectic...
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10 Ways to Scale Customer Support: Steps for Business Growth

Every business goes through tough early stages when there is nothing as difficult as getting the first customer. In these stages, business owners treat their customers like VIPs. But as the business grows, it becomes difficult to sustain the culture that fueled the growth of your business. Organizations begin to experience the challenge of further...
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Buyers’ Guide: Features to Look for While Choosing Wiki Software

After Google, Wikipedia is dominating the online space today. Being a crowd-sourced encyclopedia, wikis have given rise to a culture of knowledge-sharing and knowledge management that are revolutionizing the way organizations function.  Both of these are extremely important to survive the rough terrains of the constantly-evolving business landscape.   Did you know: 43% of organizations believe...
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How to Create a Knowledge Base: The Complete Guide

Are you one of those firms that are bombarded with support tickets and looking for a quick solution to this constant problem?  Is your support staff buried under customer calls, emails, and tickets, and hardly get time to breathe? Well, it’s time you bring a strategic change in your business processes. The solution to this...
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Why Online Documentation Tools Are Marketing Assets

Ask any business owner if marketing plays a significant role in growing his or her firm, and the answer would be a resounding yes.  Now ask whether documentation stands anywhere in the picture, and the reply would be a shocking No, except a few who might have realized its importance. With the extent to which...
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