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First timer’s guide for Context-Sensitive Help Software & Embedded Help Formats

Do you want customers to go “wow” when they experience your product, website or a mobile application? Do you want to know the secret behind the “wow factor” that a world-class product manages to produce in customers? If you do, then you want to know about context-sensitive help software and embedded help formats. This is...
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8 Easy Tips to Make The Best of a Cloud-Based Knowledge Base

A cloud-based knowledge base, also known as SaaS knowledge base software is an essential tool that helps companies encourage knowledge sharing among employees as well as improve customer experience without running a call center. While a cloud-based knowledge management system is much easier to manage than say an open source or installed knowledge base software,...
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How a Knowledge Base Helps Call Center Agents in Problem Solving

The work of call center agents is quite challenging. They not only have to constantly deal with customer complaints, but also maintain equanimity in every situation. Stress can build-up to dangerous levels due to a constant influx of calls and emails, which takes a toll on the productivity of operators, adversely impacting their customer interaction. ...
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The Non-Technical Person’s Guide to Online Documentation

An average consumer is looking for one thing in the products they purchase – efficiency. The ease of navigation in a piece of software and user-friendly gadgets are two highly desirable things on the market and, considering the fact that it’s saturated – they are not at all difficult to find. Therefore, creating documentation that...
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5 Ways to Build a Knowledge Sharing Culture at Workplace

A culture of knowledge sharing is what keeps an organization moving forward, whether it’s a startup, small medium business or even a well-established enterprise. Knowledge sharing among employees is perhaps the single most important reason behind the success of any business, and your organization should do all that it can to encourage it among employees....
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Why Your Business Needs an Enterprise Wiki?

Open-source libraries were a huge discovery when they first appeared – an amazing way for each and every internet user to gather knowledge and share their own using a simple, user-friendly medium. However, a lot of annoying problems started to appear as people kept putting in inaccurate information, and these problems were not so easy...
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5 Reasons Why Using Open Source Documentation Tools is a Terrible Idea

The concept of open source documentation tools is a commendable one. The fact that the source code is free and anyone can use it to build their own knowledge base is truly empowering. That being said, opensource is not for everyone. A common mistake is to think of it as free software! In fact, open...
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The Secret Formula to Writing Killer How-To Manuals Faster

User manuals are created with the purpose of delivering valuable information that helps users use a certain product. In most cases, they revolve around products, but there are also how-to manuals that can instruct people to use something. There is a fine line between these two and the differences usually based on the subject they...
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The Beginners’ Guide to Knowledge Management System

The concept of knowledge management system took birth in the management consulting fraternity. With the advent of the internet, these organizations started embracing technology. In no time, they realized that an in-house network could help their widely-dispersed employees share knowledge and work more efficiently. This gave them the motivation to develop tools that could turn...
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Key things to know before selecting a Help Authoring Tool

Help Authoring is the process of creating, designing, publishing, and managing help content for your business. Using help authoring tools, you can create help manuals, documentation, and more. These tools can be used by an individual author or a team of writers and editors, to create content on a large scale collaboratively.  Before we get...
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