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Issue Tracking Software: The What, Why, and How Explained

When customers buy a product or a service, there is always a chance that they would experience challenges while using them. The one obvious thing they will do when faced with such a situation is – reach out to your support staff and report the problems they are experiencing. Managing and tracking customer issues on...
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50+ Inspirational Customer Satisfaction Quotes From Experts

An interpretation of the “80/20 Rule” given by Italian economist Vilfredo Paret stated that “80% of your company’s sales come from 20% of your customers”. This adage is long being used as an incredible tool for business growth. To increase sales and boost revenue, companies have to make efforts to identify the characteristics of the...
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100 Customer Satisfaction Questions to Measure Customer Happiness

You are reading this blog because you think feedback is important, don’t you? Indeed, after knowing that about 91% of customers don’t complain after a bad customer experience but simply move on to your competitor’s product or service, you can become eager to know what’s on their mind. So you may know that unsatisfactory customer...
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How to Reduce Customer Service Response Time

66 percent of consumers feel that valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do for them. However, few companies (only 12 percent) prioritize responding quickly to their customers, consequently becoming one of the major reasons why businesses fail to retain customers successfully. The question you should be asking is – how do...
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The 15 Essential Customer Success Metrics & KPIs (How to Measure & Improve Them)

Customers always have so many options in the market to choose their desired product or service. But what about the business owners? “Do they get the opportunity to choose as well?” No, they obviously don’t. If anything, you have a specific target audience who finds your services relevant. Just in case they aren’t satisfied, they...
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48 Event Survey Questions To Gain Mind-Blowing Insights

Businesses big and small are leveraging the power of holding live events to maximize brand value, drive revenue, and improve customer experience. Here’s what the numbers say: 80% of the businesses believe that live events are necessary to get a competitive edge, according to the latest report by Endless events.  According to the 2019 trends...
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Boost Business and Customer Loyalty With Multilingual Customer Service

It’s a very hot summer day, your refrigerator stops working. Or maybe something even worse happens in winters. Your radiator stops functioning on the coldest winter night. What is your instinct in such situations? Do you contact customer service vs. technical support? Let’s not get into the debate of which one is more apt in these...
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How to Use Surveys for Content Marketing

If content is the king, it owes its realm to good customer feedback. With the in-depth knowledge of the user’s perspective, the content marketing strategy gets closer to its goals, and online surveys are great to obtain this knowledge. The more you know about the expectations and necessities of your customers, the more valuable content...
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20 Effective Email Management Tips Trending in 2020

We were in a discussion at ProProfs about utilizing working hours productively, and that’s when one of the team members mentioned that he spends about 40% of his time checking and managing emails. This was actually alarming, as 40% is a significant amount of time. That’s when we realized that as an organization, we need...
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ITIL Problem Management Process – Your Lifecycle Guide

Information Technology is full of jargon that most of us do not understand. To top these complex terms are processes, frameworks, tools, and acronyms. Among these floating terms, one that has found prominence in recent times is ITIL problem management. Why is this concept important? That’s because the goal of the IT service desk professionals...
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