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10 Common Customer Service Problems and How to Resolve Them

Customer. Vendor. Seller. Buyer. All of them have been around since the concept of commerce started. Fast forward to 2020. Today, it is all about the ‘Age of the Customer’. Businesses have grown more concerned; some may say, even obsessed with how their customers are treated.  And rightfully so.  It only takes one bad experience...
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B2B Vs B2C Customer Support: How They Are Different

For every organization, customer support should be a top priority as it has the potential to make or break any business. When you respond to the queries of your customers on time and resolve their issues promptly, it yields a gratifying experience. When the customers are happy with the services, your business is expected to...
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How Do You Measure Customer Experience Success

We’ve all heard way too many times that happy customers are the cornerstones of a successful business. But what exactly does a happy customer mean to your brand? And what do you even mean by a happy customer? Apparently, even though all serious businesses want to have their customer satisfaction at the highest level, not...
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Help Desk Vs Technical Support: What’s The Difference?

Often, we use the term “help desk” to refer to all kinds of customer assistance services, including technical issues as well. In fact, in everyday life, people throw around the words “help desk” and “technical support” almost interchangeably. However, did you know that there’s a sharp line of difference between the help desk and technical...
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Live Chat Scripts for Sales and Customer Service

What makes live chat scripts so important for sales and customer service? And how does their use impact your business performance? To realize all the benefits of live chat scripts, you need to understand the importance of chat etiquette for your customers’ experience and satisfaction. The appropriate live chat communication not only increases the chances...
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17 Live Chat Best Practices For Sales & Customer Support

“Why do website visitors give low ratings to our live chat support?” “What should I do to improve customers’ experience on my website?” “How can I get the most out of my live chat for customer support?” These are only some of the questions business managers frequently ask to improve their business performance. And while...
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10 Ways to Build Customer Centric Organization

If you were to answer a question, “What is that one thing that customers hate the most?  What would you say? Without a doubt, it would be struggling to find a solution to their problems.  Customers don’t want to go out of their comfort zone to solve their own problems. They like instant and effortless...
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What is Proactive Customer Service and How to Implement It

“Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer,” Scott Cook. With the ever-changing scenario of business globalization, companies are thriving hard to retain their brand’s loyalty by creating cutting-edge product sales strategies. There was a time when offering a good product at a reasonable price was enough for a company to stand out...
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What is Live Chat Software?

79% of businesses prefer to use live chat at their website instead of email (61%), phone (44%), and social media (48%) platforms to communicate with customers for instant support. Amazing isn’t it!  Businesses are using live chat increasingly because live chat instills confidence in the customers. When customers know that their concerns are being handled...
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How to Create Perfect Live Chat Customer Experience

About 52% of consumers are willing to spend more money on quick and effective customer experience. If you are a smart and proactive business owner, you will identify with this data and tweak your strategy to improve customer experience accordingly. The Need of The Hour Is your current customer service approach more convenient for you or...
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