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How Live Chat Helps You Shape Customer Journey

Imagine being in your customers’ shoes. You’ve landed on the website due to a certain search query and find the product you need. You add it to the cart and are ready to check out. But the moment you reach the checkout page, you realize that you don’t have an account and are requested to...
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How to Embed a Survey on Your Website

Every brand focuses on trying to collect customer feedback through surveys and other similar means. While the customer may love to provide feedback to the brands they are associated with, the sheer number of surveys they encounter leads to survey fatigue, making it a significant problem. Marketing and research teams spend countless hours analyzing data...
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How to Improve Customer Experience in Call Centers

From the first telephone call made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 to the billions of phone calls that connect people every day, we’ve come a long way. However, not all phone conversations are a pleasant exchange of thoughts. Remember when you tried dialing a customer care number only to experience a painful never-ending hold...
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40 Best Customer Service Books We’d Recommend to Support Operators

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” – Theodore Roosevelt It’s not the amount of knowledge you are willing to offer, but the efforts you wish to take to keep your customers satisfied and loyal to your brand. Customers wouldn’t see what you have to offer, but what...
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The Complete Glossary of Common Customer Service & Support Lingo

It’s not just great communication skills that make a customer support operator great at their job. 62% of customers say that a representative’s knowledge and resourcefulness play a key role in creating a good experience. That means being consistent at learning and acquiring knowledge can help operators shape a customer’s journey better. But, where to...
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What Is a Good Net Promoter Score

Recommendations work like magic, especially when a customer recommends a company/brand to a friend, family & colleague. These customers tend to repeat their purchase and act as brand advocates at various events/situations. Positive word of mouth is an ideal situation for any business. Many studies have found that people are more likely to buy products...
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Customer Oriented Growth Strategies: 11 Hacks to do it Right

With more than 60% of consumers finding customers experience an important factor (irrespective of price), it becomes all the more crucial for your business to look into substantial customer-oriented marketing strategies. That means you need to make customer needs and happiness your top priority. It can become a painstaking process for managers and even for...
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Omni-Channel Experience: What it is and How to Implement It (With Examples)

You have created a presence for your business on multiple channels, and have also invested in creating valuable content across all the channels. But your customers are still unsatisfied. You don’t need to go bankrupt to give your customers an excellent experience. All you need is an Omni-channel experience. Companies that have the strongest omnichannel...
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Qualitative vs Quantitative Data: What Yields the Best Results and When

Over the years, the world has ever-increasingly shifted towards a data-driven decision-making process. Organizations no longer make decisions only based on the fact that this would be a good market to expand into, or people might like this product, etc. All these decisions are now made after they collect customer feedback and research every factor that...
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