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3 ways to use Live Chat Support to turn Visitors into Customers

It isn’t normally our style here at ProProfs Chat to flaunt numbers especially since we didn’t create them directly. Having said that, we believe that numbers communicate messages as well as a writing or two on the wall: Between 2010 and 2013, live chat usage rose by 24% across the board for customer support according...
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Leveraging Live Chat Support to Increase your Website Revenue

The secret to online business success today is determined not by how many customers you acquire but how many customers you are able to retain and build relationships with long term. It comes as a surprise to many who believe in the traditional roles that technology plays but three of the four major service channels–...
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How to Increase Mobile Survey Response Rates

It’s the era of the customers. A business may have a bang-on product, a great initiative, and an amazing idea they are putting forward to their customers. But, if you don’t align your brand with your customers’ needs, your company will never succeed.  Sounds harsh, doesn’t it? Well, it’s the truth.  A business needs to...
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