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Multi Lingual Survey – Where Does It Matter?

  English is the global language of business, travel, and pleasure. Yet English is only spoken by 20% of the world’s population. That’s roughly around 1.5 billion people out of which only 360 million are native English speakers. Putting that into context, native English speakers are less than 5% out of the global population of...
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Must-Have Features in a Help Desk Ticketing System

Are you proud of your customer service? Do you always have happy customers? Are your agents not overloaded with piles of tickets demanding immediate resolution? If your answers to these questions are a “No”, it is high time you employ in your business – a customer support tool, such as help desk ticketing software. Operational...
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Top 5 Reasons You Need a Help Desk Software for Your Business

Gone are the days when companies could ignore the value of customer support. Customers today are highly demanding and look for instant help. They hate to wait when they have to get their problems resolved. Humans in your customer support team are increasingly finding it difficult to delight your customers. This is why you need...
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Top 9 Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2021

A robust customer service strategy helps your brand increase its customer base and also keep its existing ones delighted. However, building an amazing strategy requires an organization to keep up with the changing customer service trends every year. While many experts in this segment may offer you great insights, finding all the trends at one...
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5 Unmatchable Tips To Re-Engage Customers And Keep Them Coming Back

Remember that customer who bought your product 5 months ago? And, how about that customer that gave you lots of referrals last year? Like any other business, you may have a solid base of existing customers. However, there are times when you may not interact with them for months or even years! That’s when you...
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Effective Ways to Improve Your Survey Response Rate

Surveys are the most convenient and the best way to collect feedback about a product or service. However, while it may seem easy to get respondents to take the survey, it is not so in reality. About 75% of online surveys fail to get their minimum anticipated response rate. As an online surveyor, you may...
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How SaaS Help Desk Software Helps in Achieving Business Goals

Lead generation, sales, and operations continue to be the top business goals, but customer service is the foundation of organizational success. Without offering a delightful service experience to customers, your business may suffer in the long-run, since dissatisfied customers can jeopardize your business. Customer service processes are complex, which include handling a flood of tickets,...
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Live Chat vs Chatbots: What You Need to Know

You must have heard this a lot: Customers want their issues resolved, and they want it done now And why shouldn’t they? They are aware that organizations use tools like live chat software, ticketing systems, and online repositories to make the support process seamless. When it comes to instant support, we think of live chat...
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Tips to Creating Valuable Surveys

There is nothing more effective than to create a customer survey when it comes to knowing if your customers are satisfied with your products and services. It gives your customers a chance to voice their concerns and praise or criticize the offerings that they’re dealing with. Using surveys to gain feedback and insights from your...
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The Ultimate Guide on how to Choose the Best Help Desk Software

Customers today want their voices heard and problems resolved with the minimum turnaround time (TAT). Customer service, thus, is now recognized as the primary focus for enhanced customer interaction, loyalty, and retention. It is a key brand differentiator that rewards businesses with better brand loyalty and increased revenue. Sixty two percent of companies perceive customer experience...
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