Customer Support

Best Ways to Utilize Social Media for Consumer Surveys

How do you figure out what your customer wants? How do you anticipate their evolving needs? Well, one of the best tools to figure out that is sitting right in your hands! Social media has quickly grown up to become the best tool to gain a clearer picture of what consumers want. It allows you...
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How to Shorten your Customer Support Queues

Isn’t it overwhelming to see a backlog of customer emails when you log in? Don’t you want to reduce and manage your customer support queues? If yes, it’s time you make a few prudent decisions. More than ever, it is critical to offer exceptional service to your customers. Before we delve into this blog, let...
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5 Best Practices for Handling Difficult Customers

Generating new business and growing your company is surely a tough task. Winning new business and then providing world-class customer service is surely not without its ups and downs. You do your best to build out a team—inside sales, outside sales, customer success—to get them to work as an efficient, customer-focused unit. You train them...
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Improve Work Environment Using Employee Feedback

We spend a lot of time at our workplace, hence, working in a place that provides a cordial atmosphere is something we all desire. Today, professionals are attracted not only towards big salaries, medical insurances, job titles, or team building but also in the environment the company provides. A poor work environment could bring adverse...
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How CRM Systems Can Help You Provide Better Customer Service

People stop doing business with a brand if they get subjected to poor customer service. Numbers don’t lie. More than 50% of customers stop giving business to brands that did not stand up to their customer service expectations. And due to poor customer service, many organizations across the globe have incurred a loss of $1.6...
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Unravel the Ideal Question Types for Your Surveys

If you want better answers, ask better questions. The importance of surveys and researches cannot be stressed enough. Should I open a store in the neighboring state? Would people buy if we launch a new product? Are our customers happy with the existing products? Questions like these can only be answered by your customers, the...
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Enhance Service Process with Customer Service Collaboration

Imagine a situation where your customers are leaving your business due to inefficient customer support. Your customer support department may lack the resources to timely resolve customer queries. Unhappy customers, of course, will prefer to buy from your competitor than you. Gone are the times when your end users had the patience to wait for...
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Checklist for Creating an Effective Customer Survey

I came across a quote on the internet the other day, and it struck a chord. It said, “The customer’s perception is your reality”. We present a brand image to our customer of who we are, but in the end, the reality is what the customer views it to be. Companies have realized the importance...
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How to Add ProProfs Live Chat to WordPress Website

Live Chat is often misconstrued as a tool only used by premium websites owned by large enterprises. Most of you may think that it isn’t easy to set up a 24*7 live support system. Right? Well, that’s not true in all the cases. ProProfs Chat, when integrated with WordPress makes real-time communication with website visitors...
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