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Measuring Service Quality- Your Guide to Customer Service Metrics

Your brand philosophy might have its roots in creating top-notch products or services. But can you really deliver in the long run if the service quality is ignored?  Poor service quality can cost your business, whether you are a month old startup or a decade old enterprise. “33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies...
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7 Metrics to Measure Customer Satisfaction

Numbers don’t lie. They are the unshakable foundation on which you build concrete strategies to help your business achieve profitable goals. Numbers help you reflect on how your business is performing and if your efforts are reaping the benefits you expected. That’s not all. They even help you understand if your customers are satisfied or...
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Why Customer Service is Your New Marketing Strategy

For many years, marketing and customer service have been running in parallel lines, helping businesses acquire and retain customers. While the former helps businesses promote and sell their services based on industry research and advertising, the latter offers assistance and advice to people already using a brand’s product or service. But lately, both customer service...
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Your Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement Surveys

Did you know that engaged employees are 44% more productive as compared to just satisfied workers! Engaged employees are your best assets to grow your business. Their efforts are aligned to the business goals. They act as role models to other employees by setting a standard benchmark. But, how to measure employee engagement to ensure maximum...
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Open-Ended Survey Questions: The Key to Collecting Qualitative Data

Ever wondered why people are born with two ears and one mouth? The reason is quite simple. In life, you’ll achieve more by listening than talking.  Even in the business world, listening to customers can be a great skill to understand customer needs, avoid crises, and foster meaningful customer relationships.  In this customer-oriented era, companies...
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How to Write Good Customer Survey Questions

Are you happy with our product? How likely will you recommend our product to your family or friend? Where can we improve? These customer survey questions are a great way to check your customer’s happiness with your products and services.  Good customer survey questions capture the real emotions of the customers that reflect the perception...
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How to Write Crucial Return to Work Survey Questions

Let’s begin with a quick COVID-19 Poll. If you answered (1) or (2), you have clearly adapted to the new normal – working from home. However, if your answer was (3) or (4), it is pretty evident that your overall productivity has taken a heavy hit.  This is the case with millions of employees across the globe in the...
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How to Ask Demographic Survey Questions like a Pro

When was the last time you created a survey but had second thoughts regarding the inclusion of demographic questions? Yes, we all are reluctant to share our personal information on age, gender, or income. Even if the survey promises to keep it anonymous, we still have our inhibitions. So does our customer! A demographic survey...
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How to Use Live Chat in Your Sales Funnel

We’ve seen live chat in action as the customer service and support tool. But lately, it’s evolved and grown. Other than connecting with users and engaging them in real-time conversations, it can also capture qualified leads and increase conversions. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Live chat leveraged as a sales tool not...
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9 Proven Tips to Create an Anonymous Survey

Stella is a market researcher at a large corporation and her main priority is providing insightful data for the entire company to use. The UX team uses it for their personas, the marketing team uses it for the adwords campaigns, etc….. She’s been collecting customer feedback via surveys for years but feels frustrated that results...
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