Customer Support

5 Cringeworthy Customer Service Experiences (and How to Avoid Creating Them)

We’ve all been there. After making a purchase, you’re dissatisfied with a product or service. After being in touch with a customer service representative, the process becomes even more aggravating when a solution isn’t reached. Inaction, rudeness and failure to take ownership of their mistakes – these are just some of the negative approaches to...
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7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Customers

Offering a delightful customer service has become the lifeblood of the businesses all over the world. Success of any business is directly proportional to its customer experience. Did you know 60% of the organizations consider customer service as their top most priority? A good customer experience often leads to customer retention. Do you always find...
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How Online Chat Support Affects Customer Happiness

Earlier, online customer service process used to be terrible. Customers had less options to try then, so they had no choice but to stick to the chosen brands even if they treated their customers poorly. These days, however, with plenty of businesses selling the same products or services, the tables have turned. Thanks to the...
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5 Powerful Marketing Strategies That Maximize Customer Engagement

Customer engagement happens to be a very popular buzzword among most marketing and customer success teams these days. Be a part of any planning and strategy making discussion, and it’s almost impossible not to find a mention of phrases like customer service, customer engagement and customer experience. And while customer service and customer experience are...
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Tips to Improve Customer Service [Expert Advice]

Did you know whenever we receive good customer service from a company, we tell two to three people. But in case of a bad experience, we broadcast it to ten or twelve others! Yes, that’s true and even science supports this. Quality of customer service is the golden key to enhance a brand image. Word...
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How to Provide a Delightful Customer Service Experience

Did you know that 55% consumers are willing to pay more to have a delightful experience? A report by McKinsey says that 70% of product or service buying experiences are totally based on how the customers feel they have treated. For about 62% organizations, customer experience is viewed as a great competitive differentiator. The takeaway?...
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5 Benefits of MS Dynamics 365 CRM & Live Chat Integration

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” — Bill Gates, Microsoft No matter what industry or business you are in, customers are your most important assets and maintaining customer relationships is one of the crucial steps for growing your business. All you need to do is keep yourself abreast with tools and...
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