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Customers are on Social Media now – Are you there to Support them?

To any organization, having customers is absolutely critical to the development and success of the company as a whole. Having loyal customers is even more important because you can rely on them to come to you for return business and to market your products or services through word-of-mouth sharing. So, how do you create the...
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7 Successful ways to retain customers in a startup

While I was researching on customer retention and how can I compile the most valuable information on this topic, I came across this blog on customer retention which had one of the most weird openings: “As part of a startup business, you’ll know that there is no greater desire to win your first customer or...
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5 Customer support crimes you should never commit

Customer support is the most important aspect in any business. After selling your service or product to a customer, the real job begins, which is keeping the customer happy. If your product is at fault, then your customer support cannot do much about it but if your customer support is not right, no matter how...
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The Perfect Training Plan for Live Chat Executives

Live chat software has entered the business world on the red carpet. It became a viral phenomenon in the last couple of years, and almost every company that wants to develop a strong online presence has live chat imbedded in their web design. But this new method of dealing with the customer’s needs also brought...
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Benefits of Integrating Live Chat with Help Desk Tools

Improving customer support is one of the top priorities in the business world, and there are many minor improvements to be made. Nowadays, we have a lot of online customers, who love to shop either on website, or even order via social networks. A lot of things that weren’t possible 20 years ago are now...
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Live Chat Software Can Help you Improve your Online Business by Leaps and Bounds

Many online businesses buy the best live chat software they can find, hire the most experienced chat operators and do whatever the books say but still fail in making any improvements to their business. The reason for this could be the lack of customized strategy, research and proper execution. Some of you may think, “It’s...
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The Future of Live Chat – Rise of Chatbots

One of my favorite genre of movies is Sci-Fi, simply because it expands the horizon of one’s imagination with the impeccable visuals and futuristic “stuff”. And the most astonishing thing is that a lot of it is coming to life! As a Sci-Fi nerd, I can proudly say that artificial intelligence is a reality now....
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Live Chat Software: Evolution, Success and Future

Being a customer service representative nowadays can be considered to be a blessing or a curse. Today, it is much easier to connect to customers at any time through various communication channels. But, these same customers expect the customer service to speak to them through various communication channels whenever they want to and throughout the...
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The Benefits of Having Live Chat on your Educational Website

The world is changing at a rapid pace, which is presenting every establishment out there with new challenges. The mobile and internet industry have developed a lot in the past few years, making some of our everyday activities unimaginable without access to the web. Educational institutions are not excluded from this process. It seems that...
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