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Why Empathy Is Critical for Successful Customer Service

Today’s consumers are more empowered than ever before. They know what they’re looking for. They have the capacity to conduct exhaustive research in order to determine where they want to buy from. And they’re not afraid to take their business elsewhere if they have a negative experience with a company or when a brand generates...
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7 Reasons Why You Should Add Live Chat To Your Business

Most of the entrepreneurs are under the impression that live chat is just another way of connecting with the customers and since there are so many other options available nowadays, a business can do without having a live chat option. But holding this belief isn’t appropriate for businesses. According to an article by Forbes, 92%...
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Key Signs That Prove You are Good at Content Marketing

It would be nice to have a huge team of copywriters, graphic designers and professional outreachers. But for most of us, the day to day reality of content marketing is rather less dynamic. There you are day in day out, writing and putting efforts to promote your latest piece of content that you’re sure is going...
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How to Throw a Customer Appreciation Party

Customers like the idea of getting special treatment from brands they regularly shop with. That’s why when they find free samples or get access to free vouchers, they are likely to place the brand in their list of favorites. Question is, how do you set yourself apart from others in the business? No doubt, the...
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Why Being a Maverick Is Overrated

The term “maverick” enjoyed some brief celebrity status (and parody) when it was used heavily in the 2008 election to brand candidates John McCain and Sarah Palin as politicians who broke away from the norm. But the term—and more specifically, the concept—still enjoys a great deal of prestige. You’ll often hear about breakout entrepreneurial rock...
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Smart Strategies to Protect Your Business’ Digital Privacy

Gone are the days when a locked file cabinet, a strong door, and a heavy deadbolt were all you needed to keep your company’s data safe. These days, data breaches are more likely to occur in the digital sphere. Some of the top digital threats for businesses arise from malware, data theft, ransomware, phishing schemes, undermined...
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Don’t Just Talk to Your Employees – Communicate!

When it comes to interacting with your employees and helping them grow as individuals in your organization, consider the following question: Are you just talking to your employees or are you communicating with them? There’s a distinct difference and you would do well to understand why one is superior to the other. #Talking vs. Communicating...
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5 Simple Things You Can Do To Win Customers Over

Getting new customers is never an easy thing, especially in the often cut-throat nature of e-commerce. The problem here is that a lot of e-entrepreneurs tend to overlook the simple things. Grand gestures have their uses, but so do subtler ones that warm people up to you and your business. Here are some of the more...
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What Millennials are Demanding from Customer Service

Millennials, or those between the ages of 18 and 35, hold a large portion of the market in commerce. They’ll be responsible for $200 billion in annual buying power starting in 2017, according to Advertising Age, and by the end of their lifetimes, they’ll have spent over $10 trillion in the commerce sector. Though they...
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Why Angry Customers are Important for a Successful Business

It is needless to say that customers are the most important aspect in any kind of business. Whether you are selling hotdogs on a sidewalk stall or dealing in heavy machinery online, customers are driving your business. But how do you deal with an angry customer, who is yelling at your staff, spreading bad word...
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