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Live Chat Software: Evolution, Success and Future

Being a customer service representative nowadays can be considered to be a blessing or a curse. Today, it is much easier to connect to customers at any time through various communication channels. But, these same customers expect the customer service to speak to them through various communication channels whenever they want to and throughout the...
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The Benefits of Having Live Chat on your Educational Website

The world is changing at a rapid pace, which is presenting every establishment out there with new challenges. The mobile and internet industry have developed a lot in the past few years, making some of our everyday activities unimaginable without access to the web. Educational institutions are not excluded from this process. It seems that...
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How to build a live chat that guarantees customer delight!

Customer service in my opinion is the epitome of a “thankless job”. You need to listen to people’s infuriating comments about a service or product which is not provided by you and on top of that, you always have to be nice! It doesn’t matter whether you are working in a retail store, call center...
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5 Rational Live Chat ROI That Can Bank in More Dollars

A businessman talks about investment & its returns more than anyone else. The reason behind it is rhetorical, as business means investing money in an idea to get higher returns – the more returns and less the investment, the better business it is. Every business owner invests carefully, after considering the initial cost, functioning costs...
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Answered – How Does Live Chat Provide One of the Greatest Online ROI

If the answer to any of these questions is a no, then “we need to talk”. How can you increase your conversions, grow your business & improve the return on investment? The net profit of your company can increase in two ways, either by reducing expenses or by increasing conversions. But let’s be honest, we...
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Integrate Your Live Chat With CRM And Unlock Its Full Potential!

You’re on a vacation with your family, and you’ve booked a room in a hotel – you went a long time ago. You get to the hotel, sit down at the restaurant and before you realize, a steward walks up to you with a cup of your favorite ginger lemon black tea; without sugar and...
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3 Ways to Help Real Time Visitors Through Live Chat Support

One of the challenges small, medium and enterprise level businesses face today, intense hyper competition not withstanding, is the need and desirability not only to bring new customers on board but to cement relationships with existing ones so that existing customers also become repeat customers. Given the high costs involved with customer acquisition, companies continue...
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Effective and Efficient Live Chat Technology for Online Retailers

Gone are the days when telephones and emails were in galore as a customer service tool. Now live chat technology is definitely ahead of its game when it comes to customer experience. Although the email is one of the leading forms of communication throughout the world, live chat technology is catching up fast, especially in...
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Grow your eCommerce business with Live Chat

In present day live chat technology is growing rapidly, business group are opting different ways to compete in the technology industry. Initially the customer was disconnected from e commerce sites as there were none to answer their question in real time with an accuracy. Now to get connected with customers and engage them regarding their...
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