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How to Recruit Live Chat Customer Support Team that Delights Users

People Helping People is a Great Job! Customer support is the most crucial aspect of determining the success of any business. Earning customer loyalty is a tough nut to crack. And, going gets tougher if a company doesn’t have a right team in place to manage the customers. The support team plays a pivotal role...
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5 Benefits of MS Dynamics 365 CRM & Live Chat Integration

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning” — Bill Gates, Microsoft No matter what industry or business you are in, customers are your most important assets and maintaining customer relationships is one of the crucial steps for growing your business. All you need to do is keep yourself abreast with tools and...
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How to Achieve Customer Satisfaction (Fool-Proof Tips by 20 CS Experts)

Whenever you plan to open a business, what’s the first thought that strikes you? Do you plan on achieving a certain goal in a specific period? Do you wish to achieve great profits? Do you visualize yourself gaining a good head start over other newbies in the market? Do you wish to expand your market...
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9 Ways Your Customer Communication Can Increase Referrals

It’s no secret that businesses put a lot of effort into finding new customers. However, putting effort towards returning customers can turn out to be more beneficial. In fact, studies show that repeat customers tend to spend more money than new customers. On top of that, they’re likely to refer your business to their friends....
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Do’s & Don’ts When using Live Chat for your Website

What truly makes a business successful? Is it the product provided at competitive rates? Or the employees that brainstorm and put in their hours of work to perfect the product? You may agree with both. But that’s not it. A strong and satisfied customer base is one of the most important factors for a business...
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Live Chat for Sales: Increase Your Business Sales & Conversions Upto 10X With Live Chat

Customer acquisition and conversion strategies have seen a remarkable number of innovations in the last few years. From website optimization through webinar marketing to social media, marketers have been experimenting with every opportunity to get their message across to their prospects. Live chat software is one such innovation, and probably the ultimate conversion hack tool....
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How Tracking Customer Analytics & Experience Can Help Increase Sales

What is Customer Analytics? Simply put, customer analytics is the process and technology that organizes and interprets gathered data to reflect the demographics, actions, and habits of your customers. This data can provide unique, actionable insights that can transform the way you run your sales, marketing, and customer service departments. It can impact your entire...
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Greatest Hacks for Providing Good Customer Service

Good customer service is all about bringing customers back. To send them away happy – happy enough to pass helpful feedback about your business along to others, who may then try the product or service you offer for themselves and in their turn become repeat customers. As Damon Richards states: “Your customer doesn’t care how...
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Why Understanding Clients Tone of Voice Is Key to Good Customer Service

The quality of customer experience a business provides generally goes a long way towards determining how successful that business is. A major reason as to why companies invest so heavily in things like customer service training programmes, and why they put so much effort into handling feedback, queries, and complaints. With that being said, one...
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Expert Opinion: Top 3 Customer Support Trends to look for in 2018

Improving customer support has become more important than ever, given the never-ceasing expectations of customers. As leading researchers indicate that organizations lose about $62 million every year due to poor customer service, you can’t expect any good with an average customer support. No matter how great your product your service is, you can’t sustain market...
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