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5 Companies Examples With A+ Knowledge Management Skills

Get inspired by these examples of companies that have excelled at online knowledge management.

How to Create a Knowledge Base: The Complete Guide

Learn how to build an effective online knowledge base with this comprehensive step-by-step guide.

What Is a Knowledge Base: Everything You Need to Know

Worried about the increasing volume of support tickets and struggling to find a solution? Here's everything you need to know about a knowledge base and how it can help.

How to Build a Powerful Customer Service Knowledge Base

Learn how to build a customer service knowledge base. Reduce tickets, enhance staff productivity, and serve customers in a better way.

5 Critical Features Every Knowledge Management System Should Have

Here's a list of the five major features that a knowledge base software should have.

How to Create the Best Online Manuals

Planning to create an online user manual? Here are some of the best practices that can make your work easier.

What Makes Knowledge Base Software So Beneficial?

A knowledge base software program can make a huge difference if you need help with generating a FAQ website or help database. It’s designed to facilitate the customer service processes in your workplace by housing the information that is critical to the success of a program. In fact, the advantages that come with this kind...
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How to Maintain Your Software Document

Software documentation has to keep changing and improving to accommodate the changes made to a software program. These files are frequently updated as new editions of a software program come about. The alterations in a software document may cause changes in the way it looks and works. Hence, this document might require a complete new...
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The Most Common Types of Software That Need Documentation

Many different software programs can be prepared with a variety of critical features that might be complicated and otherwise challenging to use. That’s where documentation files can come in handy. Software documentation is used to illustrate information on the features within a program, how that program can be used and what can be done should...
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Tips for Writing an Online User Guide or Manual for Your Software Program

Struggling with writing a web-based manual for your software program? An online user guide or manual is essential for any software program, and this is why you need to perfect the art of writing one. Creating an online user guide isn’t rocket science. All you need is good subject knowledge and a good grasp over...
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Help Authoring With A Knowledge Base Software

Online help systems are crucial to the success of any software program. Software applications can be extremely complicated and difficult for some to use. The use of a help system can be essential as it will ensure that people will have an easy time handling all of their various needs through the program. Knowledge base...
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What You Need To Know About Contextual Help Software

Sometimes a software or website user needs more than just general help from a knowledge base to fix a certain problem. Contextual help may be required. That is, help is needed at a specific point in a program or service. This is to provide the user with a solution that is relevant and logical for...
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How To Select the Best Online Help Authoring Tool

It is always a good idea to have an online help authoring tool on hand if you need assistance with getting online tutorials devised and ready for use. This is to ensure that the help programs in any software you create are as easy to figure out as possible. However, you need to be cautious...
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Find New Brain Games, Puzzles and Teasers at ProProfs Games!

Awesome news, game lovers! At ProProfs, we’ve got some enticing gaming delights for you to enjoy with friends and family. Yes, we’ve been working hard to add a fresh list of awesome brain-teasers, logic games and puzzles to our list of ProProfs Games that you can play during your free-time or just whenever you’re in...
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Create Surveys 10 Times Faster by Adding Instructors

With ProProfs Survey Software, you can create surveys 10 times faster with the help of instructors. Your team of instructors can create bulk surveys in a short time for you. You can also manage instructors under a single ProProfs account and allow them to share surveys for review with each other. A team of instructors...
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What Is a Knowledge Base: Everything You Need to Know

In this day and age where technology rules the roost, self-help is what customers and employees seek. Calling a customer care representative and waiting for hours to ask a simple query or emailing support staff and waiting for days to get a response is frustrating. It is even more intolerable in today’s scenario where instant...
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