The English Missal and Hieratic English in the EF

Should the English Missal be used in the Ordinariate? Should hieratic English be used in the Roman books, including the EF?
Do you believe the English Missal (or something based off it) should be one of the liturgical options provided for the Ordinariates?
Do you believe the English Missal has the potential to make a worthwhile contribution to the liturgical life of the Latin rite generally?
Do you believe that there should be a wider provision for an appropriate vernacular to be made optionally available within the context of the Extraordinary Form?
Do you believe that maintaining the EF in "Latin only" or "almost entirely in Latin" is limiting to the growth and appeal of the EF?
For the LAITY only:  Would you be more likely to regularly attend the EF if there was a wider provision for and use of the vernacular within it?
For the CLERGY:  Would you be more likely to offer the EF Mass if there was a wider provision for and use of vernacular within it?
For the CLERGY: Would you be more likely to pray the EF breviary if you could pray it in the vernacular and fulfill your canonical obligations in so doing?