HCD Diet Quiz: How READY Are You To Liberate Your Fat?

The KEY to success on the HCG Diet
is to be

on all levels
physically, mentally, psychologically and emotionally

There is no point starting the HCG Diet Protocol or any other weight loss diet until you are 100% READY.

What happens if you're NOT READY?

  * your body will fight you
  * your emotions will sabotage you
  * the world will block you
  * it will be difficult to stick to the diet
  * you will struggle to lose weight
  * you will put the weight back on after the diet

What happens if you ARE TRULY READY on all levels?

  * your body will cooperate
  * your emotions will assist you
  * the world will support you
  * the fat will literally melt off
  * and you will keep it off for good!

So let's find out now how ready you are!

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This quiz will only take 10-15 minutes. Make sure to be 100% honest when you answer these questions.
Honest self-reflection is the key to all lasting transformation.
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Let's get started!

PS (If you're NOT READY yet, don't worry! I'll help you get there :)

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Get out a sheet of paper. Write down the BIGGEST reason why you want to lose this weight. (I'm talking about the ultimate goal for your weight loss. eg "To avoid getting Diabetes" or "To grow old with my husband." etc)
How important is this reason to you, out of 10?
Read over the reason you just wrote.
How does this goal make you feel?
How much time and energy are you willing to put in to acheive the goal you wrote down on your piece of paper?
How much money would you spend to make sure you lose this weight?
Are you willing to look at your emotional or psychological issues, in order to get rid of this weight for good?
In order to shed this weight for good, would you be willing to make any permanent changes to your eating habits, your lifestyle, your relationships, your career, or any other areas of your life, if it was necessary to do so?
How much do you know about the HCG Protocol?
  • Eg have you read "Pounds & Inches" by Dr Simeons, "Weight Loss Apocalypse" by Robin Woodall, "The Weight Loss Cure" by Kevin Trudeau, "The HCG Success Toolkit Series" by HappyConsciousGal?
  • Eg have you been watching lots of vlogs on YouTube by people doing HCG, reading HCG blogs online, participating in online HCG forums?
  • Eg are you receiving coaching from a HCG Coach or Clinic, who are explaining the Protocol to you in great detail?
How well do you understand the instructions for taking your HCG hormone? (ie HOW and WHEN to take your drops, pellets, or give yourself injections)
How well do you understand the instructions for the Loading Phase of the HCG Diet? (ie WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat during Phase 1)

How well do you understand the instructions for the Very Low Calorie Diet Phase of the HCG Diet? (ie WHAT to eat and HOW MUCH to eat during Phase 2)
When you think about having to follow the strict rules of the HCG Protocol for weeks or months at a time - such as only eating 500 calories and only eating specific foods - how do you feel?
How do you view the HCG Protocol?
How difficult do you think the HCG Protocol is going to be?
How successful do you think you will be at losing weight on the HCG Protocol?
What opportunity does the HCG Protocol give you?
How do you feel about your current body shape?
Do you have any habits of emotional eating, that you know of?
Are you aware of the sorts of situations in your life that trigger you to put on weight?
Are you aware of any underlying beliefs you have that have kept you fat?
Do you think you have any fear of being slim?
 Has being overweight served you in your life? (ie has it been a positive thing in any way?) 
How often to you eat processed packaged foods like sugar, bread, pasta, white rice, cereals etc?
How often to you eat organic or biodynamic fruit and vegetables?
How much do you know about cutting edge nutrition?  (Eg things like super foods, raw foods, green smoothies, blood type diet, food combining, paleo eating, dehydrating, juicing, sprouted living foods, living water, etc?)
Do you have a regular detox and cleansing practice? (ie do you do such things as intestinal cleanses, liver flushes, juice fasts, detox programs, parasite flushes, get regular colonics?)
How good are you at staying calm when life gets stressful?
How do you think you will handle it if you encounter people who are skeptical about the HCG Diet and try to talk you out of it, or who try to fill you with fear that it's dangerous etc?
Do you have a support network around you who believe in what you are doing and will support you during your HCG Protocol? (Eg friends, family, your spouse/partner, people on the internet)
Do you know how to stay positive and keep your vibration high at all times?
How good are you at putting your needs first and setting boundaries?
If you are a woman, do you feel you are living in your full feminine energy?
if you are a man, do you feel like you are living in your full masculine energy?
Have you done any kind of manifesting process to set your intention for your upcoming HCG Protocol? (eg have you created a Vision Board, done some Visualising, used Affirmations, Declarations etc)
Do you believe that something other than coincidence has guided you to the HCG Diet? (eg your higher self, the universe, God, source, your soul, your intution, destiny, or your own subconscious)
Do you believe NOW is the right time for you to do this HCG Protocol?
Do you love yourself?
And now the Million Dollar Question... (drumroll...)
Do you feel truly ready to let this fat go?
Well done on completing these questions so honestly! There are just a few final questions left. These will help me learn what sort of people are interested in the HCG Protocol, so that I can best help you all :)
What is your current weight?
(I promise I won't tell anyone. It's just so I can get a feel for who is being drawn to HCG, so I can help as many people as posisble...)
Type your answer here:

How much weight would you like to lose? 
Type your answer here:

Are you Male or Female?
How old are you?
(I promise I won't tell anyone :) It's just for my research)
Where are you from?


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