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Stoner Quizzes & Trivia
With the recent legalization of marijuana in a number of US states, cannabis has never been a more popular topic of discussion. Whether you use for recreation, medical purposes, or you’re strongly against the use of weed, these quizzes are bound to feature something that will capture your interest. 

What is the most popular slang term used to refer marijuana? How much does the typical ounce of marijuana cost? Which actor cameos as a nurse in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle? What was the

Stoner Questions

  • Someone loses a gram in their couch.

  • How often do you clean your Shaft and Bowl?
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  • You're finishing off a huge blunt and your friend drops the burning roach in their shoe. you?

  • How often do you toke mayne?

  • What happens when your high?

  • What do you think when you wake up?

  • What would you prefer?
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  • Do you inhale your smoke, if so for how long?
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  • You're going to chill with a few of you're friends, what do you do?