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Do you think you’re a woman, trapped in a man’s body? Do you call yourself a transgender? We’re pretty sure you love all the attention you’re getting and you love dressing up, too! Don’t you? The petticoats with all the frills, and all those shades of make-up! You may also love dressing up like dolls or like little girls! So the big question now is, “Are you a Sissy?” Find out how much of a sissy you are, or maybe you are not really a sissy at all.

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Sissy Questions

  • Do you were glasses?

  • Have you ever fantasized about sucking cock?
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  • Are you submissive and obedient towards your girlfriend?
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  • Do u like the colour pink and unicorns
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  • What your favorite underwear?
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  • Have you ever weared girls clothing eg thongs, dress
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  • What are ur talents
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  • What's your favorite subsject in school?

  • R u a teacher's pet?