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Do you think you’re a woman, trapped in a man’s body? Do you call yourself a transgender? We’re pretty sure you love all the attention you’re getting and you love dressing up, too! Don’t you? The petticoats with all the frills, and all those shades of make-up! You may also love dressing up like dolls or like little girls! So the big question now is, “Are you a Sissy?” Find out how much of a sissy you are, or maybe you are not really a sissy at all.

People may judge you with the way you talk, dress, or carry yourself but one has to be ignorant of the world to know more about oneself. This time, we want you to be true to yourself and answer our quizzes whole-heartedly! Sissy or not? Let’s find out!

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Sissy Questions

  • Have you ever been called a sissy?
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  • R u a teacher's pet?

  • What your favorite underwear?
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  • Do you were glasses?

  • Have you ever fantasized about sucking cock?
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  • What's your favorite subsject in school?

  • Would you rather eat a pickle or peanut butter?
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  • Are you submissive and obedient towards your girlfriend?
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  • Can you bench press 125 lb. or more?
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