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  • Are you single or married?
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  • When was the last time you thought about sex with a guy you just met? You know, you introduce yourself, "Hi my name is Kara... nice to meet you." (In your head you think, he has a great body... wonder...

  • How many sexual partners have you had?
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  • Do you have a crush on anyone at the moment??? Think hard, maybe its the guy you pass at work who smiles at you (and you don't even know his name). Or maybe its the guy who sits in front of you at cla...

  • How would you rate your current sex life?
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  • So.... this is a hard question, what is your best physical feature? Don't be modest, brag a little!!

This quiz is being recommended to you by a friend, it is very simple. it helps to see where you are in your love life an...
The quiz that lets you detail your sexual activities and see how you rate.