Religious Diversity Quizzes

Religious Diversity Questions

  •   Baha’I House of Worship- 

  • Which of the following is not a benefit of diversity?
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  • Discriminating against someone because of a hearing impairment is illegal under which ACT of legislation?
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  • Cammie was born and raised in South Africa.  Her skin, hair, and bone structure are Caucasian.  What is her race?

  •  17th Church of Christ Scientist-

  •  Assumption Catholic Church-

  • Avi is born in Nigeria to African parents and is adopted at age 6 months by Spanish parents.  He grows up in Spain as a Roman Catholic.  If Avi identifies himself as a Spaniard, he is descri...

  • Francine took a three-week unpaid absence from her job as a dining room manager to care for her elderly mother who was severely injured in a car accident. When she came back, her supervisor told her...
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  •  A grief-stricken family is in the emergency room has just been notified of the death of their child who was hit by a car. What should the physician ask regarding organ transplantation?

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