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Are you a real fan of rap? Ready to prove it by taking these quizzes and proving you know everything there is to know about some of the greatest rappers ever existed? These quizzes are for both die hard music fans and people who want to learn more about Rappers. So, go ahead and give it a go! 

What is Eminem’s greatest hit? Which rapper sang the hit song “Black and Yellow?” In Jay-Z’s song “Public Service Announcement,” which phrase does Jay-Z rap that hints h

Rapper Questions

  • If you were to see a kid at school drop his or her books, what would you do?

  • If you had $1 million you would spend IT on...

  • When is Diggy Simmons birthday?
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  • If a nigga walks up to your sayin he wanna Fight what do you do?
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  • On the Daily Bases, what would u do?
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  • If a Girl Walked Up To U,what do u say?
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  • What type of person do you think you are?

  • Do you like Diggy Simmons?
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  • What song did Jerimah do with Diggy Simmons?
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