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  • In ventilatory failure, all of the following are true EXCEPT:

  • The inability of oxygenated blood to reach the tissues of the body describes which problem?

  • An important pressure to monitor for the ventilation of "good lung tissue" in an ARDS patient is:
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  • An inability of your patient to move air/O2 throgh patent airways describes which problem?

  • A deliberate limitation of ventilatory support to avoid lung overdistension and injury of the lung.
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  • What is Respiratory Distress?

  • Common abnormality found on ARDS patient chest X-RAY
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  • Acute Respiratory Failure can be defined as _____________________________.

  • Which of the following is NOT a type of ARF?

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This is a post-rotation test based on the goals and objectives listed in the residency handbood for the pulmonology rota...
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