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Loadmaster Questions

  • The automated shipment status alerts in version 10.3, can this be used for non EDI customers?  

  • The freight billing system now provides the ability to have ___________ roll up into the freight in the line haul freight amount at the time of printing.  

  • To override the #2 and #3 hydraulic aux. pumps for an auto shutdown due to low quantity or overheat, _________.
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  • The C-17A max design zero fuel weight is _________. 
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  • LoadMaster's Order Planning screen and movement screens have a new feature to show the distance the tractor is from its desired home location. 

  • Instructions or procedures prefaced by the word ________ are mandatory. 
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The questions below come from the powerbroker and loadmaster 10.3 release notes that were handed out at the last sales m...