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  • An organism that uses light energy to make its own food. 

  • A characteristic of all known living things is that they
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  • In 1910, Thomas Morgan discovered a certain pattern of inheritance in fruit flies known as sex linkage.  This discovery extended the ideas of inheritance that Gregor Mendel had discovered while w...

  • Which term refers to all activities required to sustain life?
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  • All the living things in an environment such as bacteria, plants, and animals.

  • The development of an experimental research plan should not include a...

  • A characteristic of all known living organisms is that they
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  • Nonliving parts of the environment such as soil, water, sunlight. 

  • In an investigation designed to determine the effect of the amount of water on plant growth, two groups of equal-sized bean plants of the same species were grown under identical conditions, except the...

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