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Incident Questions and Answers

  • A user calls Help Desk stating that their Microsoft Office program is no longer functioning correctly. 

  • A user emails Help Desk stating that they need a new application installed on a PC.

  • A user calls Help Desk stating that when they received their new desktop computer, they noted one of their previously installed applications was not there, so they need it re-installed.

  • The Ferguson incident is known as _____________.

  • What is the date of the Ferguson Incident?

  • What is the name of the police man that was involved in killing this young man?

  • Every incident should be investigated immediately so that we can determine who was to blame.

  • A near miss should be investigated in the same manner as an actual accident.

  • Most incidents have only one contributing factor.

  • Case 1: Both - HSE and Quality Result   Four technicians were doing the demolition of the scaffolding on the cellar deck C06. When one of the installers should remove a portion of the scaffolding he slipped to the side and down. He received a blow in the groin. The work was stopped and they got in touch with the Nurse. Technicians were secured with a harness. There was no danger of further decline.Technicians were sent to Bergen for emergency control. He was back at work after check-out by a doctor.See attached depth study  

  • Case 2: Quality - Schedule delay   Sleipner B Compression Project was sanctioned at DG3 on the basis that the total business concept was sufficiently developed and documented to meet the agreed requirements for project execution. However, start-up of production from Sleipner West was delayed by 32 days after the planned shutdown and DG4 approval has yet to be achieved. The project also registered a relatively high number of undesirable HSE incidents during the offshore phase.    

  • Case 3: HSE Accident   Injured person was walking to his cabin (cabin 318 on B deck Aft) coming from C deck while the vessel was rolling. Injured person lost his balance and slipped / slid down 1.5m of steep stairs between C and B deck. He wasnt using the handrail as he had 2 cups of tea in his hands. He went to the medic to get checked and was found to have abrasion on his back and right arm, no signs of head injury. He went back to work without any problems. THIS case has recently been upgraded from a first aid case to a seious incident due to its potential.