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  •      Basic incident report elements on all incidents include
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  • Case 1: Both - HSE and Quality Result   Four technicians were doing the demolition of the scaffolding on the cellar deck C06. When one of the installers should remove a portion of the scaffold...

  • Case 3: HSE Accident   Injured person was walking to his cabin (cabin 318 on B deck Aft) coming from C deck while the vessel was rolling. Injured person lost his balance and slipped /...

  • Every incident should be investigated immediately so that we can determine who was to blame.

  • A "near miss" should be investigated in the same manner as an actual accident.

  • Case 2: Quality - Schedule delay   Sleipner B Compression Project was sanctioned at DG3 on the basis that the total business concept was sufficiently developed and documented to meet the ag...

  •       Purpose for a basic fire incident report include:
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  • Most incidents have only one contributing factor.

  •      Basic incident report elements to complete if fire include
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Incident command system (ics) model procedures guide for incidents involving structural firefighti...