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  • What is Gaara's demond he is posessed by's name?

  • 1-10 how much do you love/like gaara? IMA 100! hehe

  • Do you enjoy battling people?
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  • True or false? Gaara is HOT AS HE**

  • What is Yashamaru's reason for trying to assasinate Gaara when he is six years old  

  • Gaara walks in. Me: Gaara come here! Gaara: Huh? Me: ask a question Gaara: um. Ok, Why do you love me?
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  • Gaara has a mark on his forehead because? 

  • Me: Ask another! Gaara: Do you think I'm cute?
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  • Gaara: [Walks in] Hey Me: [hugs gaara] can i ask you somthing? Gaara: what? Me: ask a question to the person! [Hides behind gaara] Gaara: [blushes] okay? why do you love me?

Think u know gaara? ill be the judge of that...and dont worry this quiz actually has the right answeres in it un...
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