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  • Your pt presents to your office with hyphema in the left eye after being hit in the eye with a football.  During your exam of the retina which of the following this are you looking for in particu...

  • Indicate ALL of the following structures/physio mechs that do NOT change with age.
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  • Which of the following represents a general ocular change in the geriatric population that could be a sign of kindey/heart failure and thyroid disease.
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  • Indicate ALL of the following that INCREASE with age.
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  • Oral aminocaproic acid is a treatment option for which of the following conditions?

  • Your patient has hyphema-related elevated IOP.  You would like to Rx something to control the IOP, which would be the safest option?

  • Malnutrition can lead to what consequence(s)?

  • What is the resting metabolic rate (RMR) and what happens to it with age?

  • All of the following are changes that happen to the GI tract with age EXCEPT:

Ocular diseases in the elderly part ii
Ocular disease in elderly part 1
Now that you have completed the continuing education modules, it is time to test your knowledge! read each question c...
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