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In a free market economy, prices are determined largely by supply and demand. Demand does not simply mean how much people want something. Economists consider demand to be a buyer’s willingness to pay for something. Did you know that when economists record changes in demand, it is called a demand schedule?

Do you know what it’s called when they plot that information on a graph? While some items affecting demand are hard to measure, like a consumer’s tastes. But can you list some of the measurable factors that economists use to predict demand? If you answered the good’s price, the price of related items, and disposable income, then you might be ready to test yourself! Take some of our quizzes and see how you measure up!

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  • Demand
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  • Fill in the blank______________ is the willingness to buy a product and the ability to pay for it.
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  • Price is the determining factor of both suppy and demand?
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