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R&B music has taken the world by storm, and Ciara Princess Harris is one of its brightest stars. Her voice and looks are instantly recognisable to music fans across the globe. As a teenager she joined the girl group Hearsay, but after the group disbanded music moguls were soon knocking on her door. Success has followed success, and she has now moved into the world of acting as well as singing and songwriting.   Are you on of Ciara's biggest fans? Do you think that she always comes up with the Goodies? If so, then you'll want to put it to the test in our fun and testing Ciara quizzes. Do you know what Ciara's first film was called in 2006? How many nominations did Ciara get at the 48th Grammy awards? It's time to put your knowledge to the test. 

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  • A client with hypoparathyroidism complains of numbness and tingling in his fingers and around the mouth. The nurse would assess for what electrolyte imbalance?
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  • What id Ciara's graduation class year?

  • My Middle name is:
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  • Who is my favorite singer?
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  • My Favorite color is. . .
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  • A client is admitted with diabetic ketoacidosis who, with treatment, has a normal blood glucose, pH, and serum osmolality. During assessment, the client complains of weakness in the legs. Which of the...
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  • What is her fathers name?

  • The nurse evaluates which of the following clients to be at risk for developing hypernatremia?
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  • What is ciara's favorite color?