Bisexuality Quizzes

Megan Mulally, Freddie Mercury, Evan Rachel Wood, Marlon Brando, and the author Sapphire – what do all these people have in common? Every one of them is or was openly bisexual. Bisexuality is defined by members of the community as attraction to one’s own gender as well as other genders, or more commonly as attraction to both men and women.

Famous bisexuals abound, and there are rumors about many more celebrities as well, including the famous Tallulah Bankhead, who once described herself as “ambisextrous”. While bisexuals are often stereotyped negatively in the media as indecisive or unwilling to commit, there’s much more to the community than misguided typecasting. Curious about bisexuality? Take our quizzes to find out more about what’s behind the label.

Bisexuality Questions

  • Would you date the same or opposit sex?
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  • Which sex are you emotionally attracted to (who do you develop feelings for and get crushes on) ?

  • Which sex are you physically (and sexually) attracted to?

  • You are at a bar alone. A person of the same gender comes up to you and starts flirting. You notice they are attractive. How do you respond.?

  • Have you ever had a sexual experiance with the same sex?
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  • Which word do you like best?

  • You see an attractive member of the same sex in a coffee shop. What are you thinking or doing?
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  • You are homo-sexual. (Just pretend). Your friend of the same sex calls you and says they say they have a crush on you. Then, they ask you out.  How do you respond.?

  • Someone of the opposite sex is talking to you and they are looking fine. Someone of the opposite sex comes and starts talking to you.  To whom does your attention go to.?

Are u in love wit the same sex?
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Quiz that tells you your possible sexuality.
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Do you look at someone who is the same sex as you do you think about having relations with someone of your sex
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