Best Friend Quizzes

Best Friend Quizzes & Trivia
When we’re young we never seem to have a shortage of best friends. But as we get older, the nature of our friendship seems to change. Having or being a best friend isn’t as easy as labeling someone as your BFF though all of us believe in some common important factors whether we realize it or not. Do you know what it takes to have and be a best friend? Find out by taking these quizzes today.

True or false: Being emotionally supportive is the most important element of any adult friendship. Wh

Best Friend Questions

  • What is you favorite color

  • If your bestfriend told your bigges secret what would you do?

  • Who do you look for in a BFF?

  • (BE TRUTHFULLY OR YOU WILL NEVER KNOW)Do you catch him looking at you?

  • Does he sit by you in class?

  • Do he sit by you at lunch?